How to Use This Blog

Welcome!  Saving money is fun when you have a little help from your friends. If you think saving money means doing without, you are in the wrong place.  I feel very strongly that each and every time you exit the store your cart should be full and you should be smiling!   This blog is designed to save you Money and Time.  Here are the steps to saving more of both:

1.  Use the Coupon Match blog each Wednesday to identify sale items (25% savings) and corresponding Manufacturer's coupons (additional 25% savings) to save 50% while shopping each week.  We publish the listing each Wednesday morning as our sale week begins so you can make your grocery list and pull your coupons.

2.  The Catalina blog is updated each Tuesday.  These are offers made for customers by brands.  The Catalina rewards give you extra savings that you can use on a future shopping trip.  The rewards are triggered after you check out at the register. 

3.  The Print N Save entry is published each Saturday.  These are coupons that are easy to print with out a lot of hassle.  I will give you the shortest link to coupons.  I'll only give you the most recent printable coupons, so you will not need to filter a long list of coupons. 

4.  LeAnn's Blog is a short coupons lesson.  Published on Fridays, it's a thought provoking lesson on how to best use your coupons to save the Max at County Market.

5.  Links to coupon suppliers will help you to find legitimate coupon clippers.  These suppliers have been tested by many of our coupon club friends and highly recommended for quick reliable service.

6.  Informational pages will help you to keep track of important dates, and policies.

7.  We offer you an email service.  Many of our Extreme Coupon users like to get the blog entries delivered to their email address.  Simply sign up and list the store you shop.  We will also let you know about any special sales for your store, or in store specials.

We are happy you have decided to save money, and we're excited you're saving with us.