Everyday Essentials Coupons

Have you ever wondered if I'm really in insane EXTREME coupon shopper?  I am. Especially when I sense a really good deal.  Right now, a really good deal is going down at all County Market stores.  in the 11/17 issue of Redplum (Sunday newspaper insert) there were 4 coupons. 

1.  BOGO FREE Everyday Essentials item of your choice up to $2.
2.  Save $1.50 on 2 Breakfast bars and fruit snacks.
3.  BOGO FREE Everyday Essentials item of choice up to $2
4.  Save $1 on any 2 EE item of choice.

This is HUGE.  First, as couponers, we rarely get to choose the item we want within a brand issuance of a coupon.  They are letting us pick.  WOW.  If you do not have these coupons, try to pick up inserts online through ebay and clipping services.  It's worth it!

Second, these stack.  Yes.  Stackers move you from saving 50% to 75% on the purchase of pairs of items.  You use two coupons for every  2 items purchased.  See more about stacking here.

Third, there are sales going in at County Market too.  So as County Market puts different EE items on sale each week now until December 14th when the coupons expire, you save even more.

My extreme senses are in high gear.  I am inventorying my pantry and cabinets.  I have looked at what we plan to fix for meals for the next six months!  I plan to maximize my return by targeting items between $1.50 and $2.50 each. My pantry will be filled with freebies and items to save me money on meals all winter long. 

Here are items I jotted down in my store in Palmyra MO today that either I will buy, or I could see as being good pantry staples:

EE Canned Chicken $2.99
EE Tuna $0.69
EE Tomato Juice $2.19
EE Corn Syrup $2.99
EE Beans Northern 32 oz $2.86
EE White Rice 32 oz $2.39
EE Pasta Sauce 1 lb jar $1.89
EE Lasagna Noodles $0.99
EE Egg Noodles $1.99
EE Pasta Sides $1.19
EE Skillet Dinners $1.59
EE Instant Oatmeal flavored $2.44
EE Coffee 11.5 oz $3.74
EE Garlic Bread $1.79
EE Garlic sticks $1.89
EE Small baking nuts bag $2.19
EE Cooking Spray $2.99
EE Olive Oil $5.89
EE Frosting $1.59
EE Alum Foil $3.59
EE Dishwashing tabs 20ct $3.39
EE Laundry tabs 16 ct $2.49
EE Zip bags $1.79
EE 12 pk toilet paper $7.49
EE Frozen Veg $1.90
EE Frozen Waffles $1.99
EE Breakfast sandwiches 2ct $2.89
EE Chocolate Syrup $2.19
EE Peanut Butter 4lb size $7.19
EE Frozen smootie bags $1.79
EE Blueberries frozen $2.89
EE Baking pans $3.99
EE Popcorn mircro 3pk $1.69
EE Peanut large jars $1.99
EE Pretzel rods $1.79
EE Fruit Snacks $2.29

Here is everything listed in the Buyer's Guide (unadvertised) for Everyday Essentials:

EE  Freezer/Storage Bags sEl 15-20ct  $        1.89
EE Almonds Slivered and Sliced Sel 6oz  $        3.19
EE Aluminum Foil Sel 75sf  $        3.29
EE Artificial Sweetner Packets Sel 100ct  $        1.09
EE Artificial Swwetner Pouch Sel 9.7oz  $        5.79
EE Asparagus Sel 15oz  $        1.59
EE Babay Lima Beans/Brussell Sprouts Sel 16oz  $        1.69
EE Baking Cocoa sel 8oz  $        2.08
EE Biscuit Mix Sel 40oz  $        2.88
EE Blackeye Peas Sel 16oz  $        1.79
EE Bread Crumbs Seasoned/Plain Sel 15oz  $        1.39
EE Broccoli Florets sel 14oz  $        1.59
EE Cherries Red w/Stem Sel 10oz  $        1.88
EE Chicken Cooking Stock Beef/Chicken Sel 32oz  $        1.69
EE Chiken/FF/Beef Broth Sel 14.5oz  $        0.69
EE Chopped Spinach Sel 10oz  $        0.89
EE Evaporated Milk Sel 12oz  $        0.99
EE Firelog - 2hr Sel 2.8lb  $        2.09
EE Firelog - 2hr Sel 3.8lb  $        2.99
EE Firestarters Sel 4ct  $        2.39
EE Flake Coconut Sel 7oz  $        1.49
EE Flatware HD - Variety Sel 144ct  $        3.19
EE Food Color Kit Sel 1oz  $        2.79
EE Full Size Flatware - Variety Sel 96ct  $        4.79
EE Gravy Beef/Chicken/Turkey Sel 10.3-10.5z  $        0.89
EE Gravy Mix Sel .75-2.5oz  $        0.59
EE Great Northern Beans Sel 16oz  $        1.19
EE Heavy Duty Aluminum foil sel 37.5sf  $        2.09
EE Lentils Sel 16oz  $        0.99
EE Lima Baby Beans Sel 16oz  $        1.39
EE Lima Large Beans Sel 16oz  $        1.50
EE Long Grain Rice Sel 16oz  $        0.99
EE Meatloaf/Chili/Beef Stew/Spag/Taco SeasoningSel 1-1.25oz  $        0.59
EE Navy Beans Sel 16oz  $        1.19
EE Old Fashion Oatmeal/Quick Oats Sel 18oz  $        1.79
EE Olive Oil Lite/Pure/XtraVirgin Sel 17oz  $        5.89
EE Onion/Noodle Soup Sel 2oz-2pk  $        1.09
EE Peas & Carrots Sel 16oz   4/ 5 
EE Pecan Pieces and Halves Sel 6oz  $        4.59
EE Pinto Beans Sel 16oz  $        1.29
EE Plastic Party Cups Sel 50ct  $        4.19
EE Platic Party Cups Sel 20ct  $        1.89
EE Premium Sandwich Cookie Sel 15.5oz  $        2.39
EE Ranch Dip Mix Sel 1oz  $        0.59
EE Red Maraschino Cherries Sel 6oz  $        1.29
EE Red Maraschino Cherries Sel 10oz  $        1.79
EE Shortening Sel 48oz  $        4.39
EE Spinach Sel 16oz  $        1.39
EE Stuffing Chicken/Turkey/Cornbread Sel 6oz  $        1.69
EE Sweet Condensed Milk Sel 14oz  $        1.88
EE Walnut Halves/Pieces Sel 6oz  $        3.19
EE Water Chesnuts Sliced/Whole Sel 8oz  $        0.69
EE White Bread Dough Sel 5lb  $        4.59
EE Whole Aparagus Spears Sel 14.5oz  $        2.89
EE Whole Babay Carrots Sel 16oz  $        1.39

There are many more items in store and sales change each week!  So gather your coupons, and plan your shopping. Get your friends together and go shopping some evening.  It's fun with savings like this.