Friday, August 11, 2017

Saving with Meats--Whole Pork Loin

Saving money is something that takes many forms.  For our family, saving in the meat department is something we're always looking to do.  This week we have a grand opportunity to do just that, save in the meat department.  It's time to grab a couple whole pork loins and plan several meals.

We are looking at the $1.77 pork loin sale.  Wow, an entire pork loin for $15?  That is fantastic.  The key to buying a pork loin is knowing what to do with it.  At our house, we immediately chop it up and create a meal plan.  We start with the tip and make stew meats or stirfry meats.  Next are loin chops for the bbq, then a roast, followed buy some thicker chops, and finally, breakfast or tenderloin chops.
We try to see how many meals we can get out of one loin chop, our max number is 17, including many tenderloin chops. Here's a great cutting tutorial that will give you some ideas on what to do with your loin.  I love his butterfly chop tip.

Cut your own, and save! By Lift.jpg

Infomration from national Pork website on other cuts you can consider.

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