Monday, August 21, 2017

All the Ways to Save at County Market

Did you know there are more ways to save at County Market other than the weekly ad?  There are sevearl lists and links that can help you to save more money each and every week.   

1.  We list out Web specials online each week. Check out this week's web specials.  It’s so that you can see more opportunities to match up coupons to sale items.  We only have room for about 160 items to make the  printed ad, but we put additional items on sale.  These are called web specials, because it's the only place you will find the listing, you dont order them online.  

You can get the phone app for rebates that work with your max card.  These deals are only on your phone.  It's a free app, you can download it on your phone, My County Market is the app name. 

You can also use the Penny Pincher book!  It's loaded with offers each month and is available at customer service.  It usually has 24 good offerings in each part of the month.  24 the first two weeks, 24 the second two weeks.  Or, easier to understand, you get 24 offers anytime you are shopping at County Market!  These often include some from produce and the meat department.  Since most manufactuer's coupons are for shelf stable items, these help the grocery bill tremendously! 

If you haven't already, follow our County Market Coupons Facebook page for budget meals, coupon alerts, and deals of the week videos.  Its a fun way to share money saving tips and never miss a deal.  
The other types of Unadvertised sales include the Monthly Price Cut items.  These are listed in a publication called the Buyer’s Guide and is available at Customer Service. 

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For additions Print N Save Coupons:

All internet coupon print limits are subjective. At the time of this email coupons were available for print. If the daily or weekly print limit has been reached, the coupon will be automatically pulled from the websites. You can try to print again tomorrow. All coupons listed are not available in our stores. We list them so you can order or find them to save you money. Check with clipping services, trade boards, or ebay to find coupons not in your store. It is our intent to help you find as many savings opportunities as possible. Enjoy!