Monday, July 17, 2017

Coupon Services ROCK

As I was looking into the week's upcoming sales, I found myself wanting a few coupons I did not have in my coupon stash.  I immediately turned to clipping services for help.  The clipping services acquire large numbers of all newspaper coupons and can mail them out to you when you see a really hot match up pop up.  First, let's explain how I knew I'd need a clipping service. 
The ad is ready on Wednesday and is good for one full week.  This week, we have Bush's Grilling Beans on sale for $.99  Wholly smokes, that's $.69 off regular everyday price.  It's a good deal to stock up without coupons.  Yet knowing we love having a few cans of the Steakhouse recipe in the cabinet my HOT LIST search jumped into high gear.  I check the cabinet, and we have two cans "in stock." Now I just need to do some planning and ordering.

We generally fix Bush's Grillin Beans when we grill out.  We've got 10-12 more good grill nights this fall for meals.  So now I know we're looking for 8 minimum items to purchase.  I need 8 coupons to match up. An August Smart Source issued a $1 on 2 coupon on BGB that is valid this week.  Next I just needed to order from a clipping service who has enough coupons in stock and will ship today.  If it ships the day I order, I will have them in plenty of time to use with the sale. 

Today, I ordered from  Coupon Stockpile.  I've used several services over the years.  Most all operate the same, they list the coupons they have and charge a small handling fee.  It's a good idea to shop around for any food coupons you'd like multiples of in the same order.  Handling fees are pretty reasonable, but no need to pay shipping twice!  I ended up typing in some key words into the search bar for other name brands that I knew were on my HOT LIST.  Things like Kelloggs Pop Tarts, Ragu, Frigo, and Old El Paso.  Just the items I knew I'd be buying.  Sure enough, coupons were available for $.08. and the Ragu coupons were $1 on 1, so I would net out $.92 per item when purchased.  

Now as the sales roll in, and the coupons are in hand I can save money at the store.  This week, I'm buying 8 can's of Bush's Grilling Beans for $.49 each as opposed to the regular price of $1.69  That's a savings of 71% This is well above my savings goal for any HOT LIST stockpile item.  

Everyone has a HOT LIST.  It's those items your family likes to purchase.  If you're wondering what those items are, just look at your last three grocery receipts.  Jot down which items you purchase over and over on a regular basis.  71% savings on these items can save you a lot of money this year.  Keep collecting your receipts until you have a clear picture of what your family likes to buy. 

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