Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Holiday to Holiday Stock Ups with Coupons

There are some weeks during the year that it makes sense to coupon more.  These weeks are the ones where the store has huge sales.  Holiday weeks are the best!  During holiday weeks, the store will run deep discounts on the most popular items for that holiday.  This week is perfect for stocking up many items, even everyday items.

Coupon shoppers are always looking for the "double dip."  They want to have a discount from the store, and a discount from the manufactuer at the same time.  When this occurs, a coupon shopper will see 50% savings on the goods.  A standard coupon is usually 25% of the cost of a product, and a good sale is usually 25% cost reduction on the price of the product.

During a special sale week, like during a holiday week, we often see a higher discount on the products.  If the store gives a 30-35% discount, and we use a 25% coupon value, we will see higher than average savings.  So this is the time to stock up on those items our families love.

This is also a good time to take a look at everyday items and really plan out how many you can stock up before the next big sale.  Items like condiments, or main cooking ingredients that are shelf stable.  Olives, pimentos, sugar, dried spices, and paper goods top the list of everyday items that go on sale during holiday weeks.

The very best coupon shoppers will order some coupons a week before the holdiay sale week, then they will have the highest chance of making good matches.  It's not hard to predict what will be on sale, just look at an ad from last year.  The internet has lots of sale flyers posted on many boards from last year. Take a look at the brands and plan accordingly.  The prices will probably change, but you can bet on hamburgers for the 4th of July, and pumpkin pie filling for Thanksgiving.  Count on shimp for New Years, and  Cool whip for Christmas.

Our family knows that we make holiday weeks a double shop week.  We have our usual weekly grocery shopping, and we then shop extra for the upcoming weeks while the prices are low and the coupons are heavy.  Planning your 'Holiday to Holiday" shopping will save you money, and you will have a much fuller cabinet for the next several weeks at home.

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