Friday, March 31, 2017

Top 5 Grocery Apps

When it comes to saving money on your groceries, there's an app for that!  Most stores these days have apps that give you directions to local stores, or hours of operation.  But to actually save money with an app, you'll need the good ones.  Your phone can be full of apps that save you money.  Yet most people do not have the 5 best apps loaded and ready to go at any time.  These 5 will save you money and are easy to use. 

1.   My County Market App It just makes sense right?  You shop at the store, why no use their app?  It has County Market's store brand coupons you can use each week, and coupons for brands not found on other apps like Pepsi, Frito and Produce.  As you select the offers you want, the savings are accumulated in the app when you scan your Max Card at the checkout lane.  Simple and it saves you real money. 

2.  Ibotta app for rebates The rebate app and the coupon app work together.  You can use both (should they match up) on the purchase of one item.  Rebates are credited direct to the consumer's paypal account after you claim $20 in savings. Once you download this app, it will ask which store you wish to shop, click on County Market, and start gathering up the items you want to save money with.  That's it. Just select them.  Once you check out, it will auto read your Max Card and your money is added to your account. Simple. 

3.  Retale App.   Start by using an app that gives you all the sales circulars weekly.   Retale includes all the local circulars, including County Market.  Never miss a deal by not having a newspaper in hand!

4.  Gas Buddy.     Don't overlook something simple as Gas Buddy.  It will let you know if its worth an extra mile to save $6 on a fill up.  Updated by consumers, and confirmed by consumers it often will save you $.20 to $.35 per gallon on gas.  Here's the kicker-you already have $.25 off gas coupon from County Market right?  Now use it at the best possible time. 

5.  Checkout 51. It's very similar to Ibotta, but has slightly different offers.  It works the same way, but you take a photo of your receipt upon checkout.  

These money savers can add some serious bucks to your year end savings.  Why wait?  Load them onto your phone now.  They are FREE! Visit County Market Coupon News Cookin w Coupons's profile on Pinterest.
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