Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Coupon Match Up 3/1 County Market

Welcome Frozen Foods Month!  Lots of deals on store brand frozen, and more on name brands.  My suggestion this month-order up extra frozen foods coupons.  Here are the hottest deals this week:

Aunt Jemima Waffles/Pancakes/French Toast SEL 12.5-17.18 2/ $4  Match to Newspaper coupon to save $1 on 2
Breyers Ice Cream/Klondike/Magnum Bars SEL 48z/3-6ct 2/ $7  Excellent Price
EE Whip Topping SEL 8oz $.99 Store Brand Savings
EE Berries/Peaches SEL 12-16oz 2/ $4  Store Brand Savings
EE Pizza Bites SEL 20oz 2/ $5  Store Brand Savings
North Star Ice Cream Sandwich SEL 12pk 2/ $7  Match to Prairie Farms Printable coupons    
Pepperidge Farms Txs Toast SEL 9.5-11.75z 2/ $5  Match to Peelie coupon to save $1 on 2
Reames Egg Noodles/Dumpling SEL 12oz 2/$4  Match to Newspaper coupon to save $1 on 2
Swanson Hungry Man Dinners SEL 14.5-16oz 4/ $10  Excellent Price
White Castle ChickenBrst Sand/Hamburgers SEL 4-6ct 2/ $7  Match to Newspaper coupon to save $1 on 2
FF MONTH Red Baron Classic/Brick Oven Piz 17.89-22.6 3/ $9  Excellent Price
FF MONTH Nestle Drumstick Variety Cones 8-12ct $4.99  Excellent Price
FF MONTH Banquet Chicken Bag SEL (Hunts Ketchup FREE w/purch Bag Chckn  ) 24-26.5oz 2/ $7  Excellent Price
FF MONTH Birdseye Vegetables SEL 9-16oz 3/ $5  Excellent Price
FF MONTH Lean Cuisine SEL 5.25-10.87 5/ $10  Match to Newspaper coupon to save $1 on 5
FF MONTH Prairie Farms Ice Cream/Sherbet SEL 4QT $4.99   Match to Prairie Farms Printable coupons    
PROMO EE Frzn Pot/Onion Ring SEL (48Hr Sale L-3) 16-32oz $1.69  Store Brand Savings

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