Monday, March 27, 2017

3 Simple Steps to Save on Groceries

Strategy #1   Never shop without a plan. Impulse buying can wreck your grocery budget.  And never shop hungry!   It seems like a simple strategy and it works.  The plan starts with having a good idea of what your family needs to buy this week.  There are hundreds of phone apps for you to jot down notes. You may want to break down your plan into sections.  Buy this week, buy sometimes in the next few weeks, or buy sometime next month allows you to prioritize your purchases.  Then your plan should be matched up with the weekly sale ad.  If it's on sale and matches with any item on  your needs list then it becomes part of the buy plan.  If you are in doubt of what items should be on those lists, you should look at your past purchase history. This is simple, just pull your past few receipts and take a look at the things you have been buying.  Which would you purchase again? 

Strategy #2  Only buy when stacking 2 or more deals.  Many extreme coupon shoppers only buy items when they know they are getting the absolute best deals.  Having an item on sale usually means that the item is discounted between 25-40% off regular retail.  If you stack another form of savings you can get into the 40-65% savings range.  That is where most coupon shoppers try to find their deals.  You can stack a sale item, with a coupon (store or manufacturer), with an app rebate, or with a by mail rebate.  If you use this strategy, you will need to keep a close eye on all types of stacking options. 

Strategy #3  Shop during low peak hours and take your time.  This strategy keeps your impulses under control.  If you shop when there are is not a rush in the store you'll have more time to review your buying options.  Should you buy this item now, or wait for a potential sale next week?  If you are not rushed you can also think more clearly and do some meal planning as you shop.  A rushed shopper grabs more prepared meals, more convenience foods and more overall items.  A bag of 15 apples becomes easier to grab than picking your own 8 apples for the week.  Less waste, is money saved.  

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