Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Coupon Match ups 1/11

Campbell's Chunky Soup SEL 18.6-19oz $1.49  Match to Campbell's Printable coupon

Frito/Cheetos SEL 7-9.25oz $1.99  Excellent Price

Essential Everyday Tomato Juice SEL ($.69 with Coupon Limit 2) 46oz $.99 Excellent Price

Kellogg's Cereal SEL 11-15oz $1.88  Match to Kellogg's Printable coupon

Kellogg's Pop-tarts SEL 8ct $1.49  Match to Kellogg's Printable coupon

Kraft Deluxe Macaroni Cheese Dinner SEL 3pk $5.99  Excellent Price

9 Lives Cat Food SEL (Buy $25 Save $5) 22oz 2/ $3  Excellent Buy and Save offers
Kibbles N' Bits Dog Food SEL (Buy $25 Save $5) 16-17.6lb $9.99  Excellent Buy and Save offers
Meow Mix Cat Food SEL (Buy $25 Save $5) 12-16lb $9.99  Excellent Buy and Save offers
Pup-peroni SEL (Buy $25 Save $5) 25oz $9.99  Excellent Buy and Save offers

Lysol Wipes/Cleaners SEL (Buy 2 Save $1) 22.40oz/35ct 2/ $5    Match to Printable coupon

Finish/Power Blast Tabs/Gelpacs/Jet Dry SEL 17-43ct/6.76-75oz $3.99 Green Giant Russet Potatoes 5 lb $1.49  Excellent Price

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