Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Saving & Smiling

Do new year's resolutions have you reviewing all aspects of your life?  Are you considering a new exercise program?  Are you quitting smoking?  Spending more time with a loved one?  Or are you planning to work more?  How about deciding to be healthier?  What about deciding to save more money?  Well if those last two ideas peeked your interest, you are in luck.  I too want to be healthier and save money.  

2017 is here, and it's time to find ways to feed my family of five with healthier meals and snacks of high quality freshness  Many people do not know you can save money while buying fresh foods, healthy snacks and high quality organics  I do it all the time, and in the next year I plan to do even more  Join us as I share ways to save and be healthy with your grocery shopping. 

1.  Use coupons!  There are websites for organic items.  Print these out on a regular basis and include them in your coupon stash.  Some of the best sites are: 
Mambo SproutsSaving NaturallyOrganic DealsOrganicfoodcouponsHealthesavers,    You can also email companies direct and ask for coupons for products you wish to buy in 2016.  

2.  Do some meal planning.  It helps when you know exactly what you will need this week to prepare meals and how you can best utilize the exact amounts your family wants.  Write it all down!  It's old fashioned, but it works. Writing your meal plan will keep you on track and help you sort out what you really need, versus the items you want.  

3. Stop wasting food.  We over prepare many meals.  Take a look at your dinner table after your next meal. How much of the food is wasted?  If you only use half a jar of organic spaghetti sauce per meal, find a way to preserve the other half instead of fixing it all at once.  Your freezer is your friend.  Plus when you can use "Halves" of items you already have a meal planned for next week.

4.  Stock up on organic items when they are on sale.  It may seem simple, yet can save a bundle.  If you see your favorite brand of yogurt on sale, and it's shelf life lasts more than a week, buy it for the next few weeks.  You will see your savings add up.  All of a sudden you can find an additional $10 per week for pricey snack items like roasted almonds in your budget. 

5.  Cut it up yourself.  If you want free range chicken, then do not pay extra for it already cut.   Get out your butcher knife and chop chop chop! The same applies to the produce department.  Celery and true peanut butter make a great health snack, but cut the celery sticks at home to save some money.

We'll be adding more ways to save and be healthier in 2016. These are the top 5 ways you can save and get your family fast tracked to a healthy and inexpensive new year.  Stay tuned to our blog all year.

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