Friday, November 25, 2016

Coupon Revival

When you've been couponing for many years, it's important to take a beat and remember why you started couponing in the first place.  For me it was easy.  I had my third child and decided to stay home and mom ful time.  That put an immediate crunch on our household.  I'll never forget realizing how much everyday things cost!

Each month I hear from brand new coupon shoppers who have incurred some sort of financial change in their lives.  Some lose a job, some have more kids, some need to cut expenses just temporarily because of medical bills or to buy a new car.  Whatever your reason was for starting to coupon shop, chances are those are not the same reasons you coupon shop today.

Once you achieved your first goal of "Saving $100 this month" or "Making just one more extra car payment" then you were hooked.  Saving money is just as important as earning money.  No matter how much your household brings in, it matters how much is left over for the things you want in life.  These goals should be changing as you mature as a saver.  What is your next coupon goal?

It's time to refreshen your skills!  The first step is to review your coupon sources.  Way back when, you probably picked up a Sunday paper subscription.  Do you still get newspaper coupons weekly?  Is there a way to get multiple copies of inserts and get them for free?  Have your neighbors or co workers changed since you first started asking for their left over coupon inserts?  It may be time to rethink your insert pipe line. recall your local paper, ask for Sunday papers the following week, can you get a deal?
How about printing coupons?  When you started you may have been a regular at printing all of the easy coupons from  what about now?  Is it part of your routine?  Try to tie your coupon habit to something you do now.  If you watch a particular TV show each week, print coupons just before and clip them during.  Try setting a timer on your computer so that you can print coupons while updating your Facebook or twitter feeds.

Do you need a new coupon organizer?  You have been using the one you have for several years.  Maybe it's time to reorganize the tabs or create a new category for pets, household, or retail store coupons.  Expand your savings plans to include every retailer you shop.

It's November, and this is a good time to review how much you've saved this year, and how much you need to squeak into your savings column to reach your goals.  It's also a great time to just review your coupon habits and tighten them up a bit. Good luck and happy savings!

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