Monday, August 8, 2016

How Apps can save you money

There are so many ways to save money with your phone.  You can use gas apps to save per gallon every time you fill up.  You can use an app to check the latest prices of goods on ebay, and you can use an app to save money with coupons.   There are even many choices for coupon apps you can download. 

There are two apps that are simple and easy to use every single time you shop at County Market.  These two are  Ibotta app for rebates  and My County Market App.  The rebate app and the coupon app work together.  You can use both (should they match up) on the purchase of one item.  Rebates are credited direct to the consumer's paypal account after you claim $20 in savings.  The County Market app is credited the next time you shop as a discount off your purchase. 

The future of coupon savings are moving to phones.  You will quickly notice that the more you use apps, the more offers appear.  The apps are designed to predict your buying habits.  It will offer you items that pair well with your previous purchases.  It will continue to offer you deals on items you have purchased in the past. 

Once you start picking up an extra $20 per week with apps, you can explore some other apps that are quite popular to save you money.  Here are some you should download and play with to see if it's a good fit for you. 

Start by using an app that gives you all the sales circulars weekly.  Retale includes all the local circulars, including County Market.  Never miss a deal by not having a newspaper in hand!

Looking for more deals on groceries?  Checkout 51 is a shopping rebate program similar to Ibotta. 

Raise takes saving money to the most basic level.  It's an app where you can purchase a gift card before checking out.  Saving 3-15% may seem small but over the course of a year, it can add to your savings total.  It adds to the savings outside of the grocery aisles.  You can pick up gift cards to TJ Maxx, Macy's, K Mart or Starbucks. 

Are you doing some pharmacy shopping?  Walgreens and CVS are the top pharmacy shopping destinations for extreme couponers.  Favado is an app that lists the match ups for both each week.  It will match all physical, in store only and digital coupons. 

Don't overlook something simple as Gas Buddy.  It will let you know if its worth an extra mile to save $6 on a fill up.  Updated by consumers, and confirmed by consumers it often will save you $.20 to $.35 per gallon on gas. 

One more app for Circulars, Flipp.

One more price checking app this one for Amazon items, Price Jump. 

There are thousands of apps.  Many have similar capabilities.  Be sure you pick one rebate app, one circulars app and a gas app.  Then no matter what, Use My County Market.  It's the only one with in store deals for our stores. 

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