Friday, June 24, 2016

Road Trip savings with Coupons

We're headed for a much overdue break.  Our family is taking a road trip and spending 14 days on vacation.  I can't wait!  This of course brings up some discussion about how to save money when you're constantly moving.  There are some things you can do to save money when travelling, without sacrificing the relaxing and leisure time.

First thing is to plan out meals as best you can.  We happen to be renting an RV for a national parks vacation.  So we will be preparing a few meals instead of eating out.  Breakfast is an automatic when traveling.  Our kids know that we sleep in then fix a quick meal in our hotel room, RV, or where ever we are staying.  Breakfast consists of easy to fix things fruit cups, scones or bagels, my husband loves cooking eggs on vacation.  Cereals are easy, but milk is often on short supply.  You can plan ahead with breakfast sandwiches by cooking up some small eggs in a cupcake pan, and then adding them with a little cheese to make an easy on the go breakfast.  Of course, we pack coffee and hot cocoa!  No $4 to go cups for us, we pack our own go cups and make it up before heading out the door.  We do eat out for breakfast at least once while on vacation, just so we can feel like we're on vacation!

Then comes lunch.   We ordered some Easy Lunchbox boxes  years ago when we went to Disney.  My husband and I carried one  lunch bag each, and a bottle of water.  Refills on drinking water are easy at Disney parks, there are cold water fountains all over the place!  Just refill.  We'd get ice cream or what ever treat the kids wanted in the mid afternoon. The lunch bags are really light, and I did put a longer strap on them so carrying was no issue.  Heck, I even put the camera inside.  It was like having a small purse.  We had dinners at the park at outrageous prices, but felt pretty good about saving money all day.
You can fit two boxes in a lunch bag, plus a bottle of water.  We usually pack up 4 boxes with sandwiches and fill the extra sections of the boxes with easy snack foods.  Did you know you can picnic lunch inside Disney?  We did. 

Dinner.  This one is a bit more tricky on vacation.  You'll want to be able to splurge, but keep it under control.  Our trip is a long one, so we'll cook some days and plan entertainment other evenings.  Always look for coupons.  Review your destination online. Some dinner theater coupons are easy to find.  Ask your hotel manager if they know great deals for dinner.  Before your trip, contact the tourism groups about exciting dinner destinations like cruises, shows or live entertainment venues.  Then, follow up with the "Do they offer any discounts for this show?"

There are some other things to consider for food savings while traveling.  Snacks!  My kids go through them like crazy.  Keep some low cost snacks on hand.  Shop while you're travelling!  We have to stop for gas, but buying snacks at a c store makes me wild.  Pack your c store snacks instead.  Same with the airport.  Yo may not be able to pack drinks, but you can pack snacks for the airport, not just the plane.  It's often healthier as well.  Take your coupons with you for items you will need.  Juice boxes, soda, bottled water, and bread always top my lists.  Look ahead at your destinations to see how far a grocery store will be from where you are staying.  Many offer delivery, which makes your trip more enjoyable.  Sometimes, it will save you to ship a box of supplies and groceries to your destination instead of lugging it around.  Just check with your hotel and make sure they will accept your package.

Wherever you are traveling this summer, you will not be alone in your efforts to save on your trip.  Many of us do it.  Gather your supplies and enjoy your vacation.

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