Monday, April 25, 2016

Click Clips Up Today 4/25/16

The My County Market App is full of good savings right now.  Here are some great offers on you phone:

1.  Wild Harvest cereal, tortilla chips, and ketchup.  Wild Harvest is the organic line of products you can find at your local County Market store.  It's great to be able to buy high quality foods for your family and clip a few savings while loading the cart.  Look for other in store discounts on Wild Harvest.  These items have special tags on the shelf and are often on sale but not advertised.

2.  Pepsi products.  My son is so thrilled to be able to get Mountain Dew!  With coupon offer of $2 off, I will pick him up an eight pack of bottles or a 24 pack of cans.  Pepsi coupons are not easily found in papers or online.  I really enjoy being able to get a coupon from Pepsi.  This week is $2 on bottles, but they have been having a different offer each week.  We've been rolling the "Pop" savings week to week.

3.  Everyday Essentials including cereal, sugar, frozen potatoes, MILK--yes milk, chicken breasts, and pudding cups are all included this week.  Did I mention, MILK?  $1 off gallon of milk gets clicked on my phone app every week.  Everyday Essentials, cover all the basic store brand goods we pick up while shopping.  Lots of ingredients like sugar are offered on the app. 

4.  Produce items include grapes, potatoes, and baby carrots.  I've been making up some fresh fruit plates for the kids for snacking.  Berries have been on sale, and the grapes have too.  You can still click this coupon and get a discount on top of the sale price.  There's also a potato salad I've been wanting to make so that is a good meal addition. 

The bottom line is that if you click these on your phone this week, you'll end up with around $20 in extra savings.  Keep clipping your paper coupons too.  These apps are the icing to your savings cake.    My County Market App

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