Monday, April 11, 2016

$10 This week's app savings

The Moyers family has a strong week of app coupons.  We managed to snag an additional $8 with my coupon wallet.   So what were my deals?  County Market water, $2, Mountain Dew $3, Essential Everyday frozen $1, Essential Everyday breakfast cereal $1, County Market gallon of milk $1, Dole Chopped salad (also on sale) $1, and Kellogg's Pop Tarts $1.  Total $10 in my handy dandy coupon wallet. 

It's easy to redeem digital coupons.  These work with your max card so you never lose them.  All you need to do is either go online and log in and select offers to attach to your max card, or get the app an do it on your phone. 

If you see an item you plan to buy, select "Clip" and it is added to your shopping list.  When you check out, it can take a few days to apply to your account but the money will show up.  So long as you scan your max card, you will see the funds show up on your phone to use the next week while shopping.

This program is fantastic for "Rolling" your savings.  It gives you a chance to increase your savings each week so that you are saving on multiple items and seeing the discount each week.  For example, the first week you shop you may save $4, and that voucher will be ready for next week's shopping trip.  The following week, you may feel that you can pick up additional items offered and it will not blow your budget.  So you'll add $8 to your shopping list, redeem $4 and your budget is intact.  The third shopping week you get another $8, and this time, you redeem $8 and you feel the savings.  This is the week where you've rolled your savings to see your checkout below budget. 

My favorite part of these app coupons is that fact that it includes store brands and coupons not offered any place else online.  I can clip Ibotta coupons to redeem with my max card, and get these deals to expand my overall savings.  The possibilities keep growing and the more coupons we "Click" the more offers appear each week. 

My family is looking forward to the offers this week!
My County Market App

 Ibotta app for rebates

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