Friday, May 1, 2015

Simple Steps to Saving Money

Our first goal as coupon users is to get to that magical 50% savings plan.   Lately getting there has been tougher than it used to be.  Let’s review some tips on making sure you’re saving half on your cart total each time you shop.

First,  watch all the sale items.  This includes the Penny Pinchers, Buyer’s Guide, and Clearance merchandise each week.  Penny’s are mailed out on the last Thursday of the month (generally).  You can always match up a manufacturer’s coupon to your Penny Pincher (Store) coupon.

Next come the Buyer’s Guide items.  These are located at the customer service desk.   These items are not discounted high enough to make the weekly sales flyer, but can be a big saver if you have manufacturer’s coupons to match up.  Check this carefully for deals.

Third, is the clearance and special promotion merchandise.  These vary by store, and I am not able to see into each store to let you know what to look for when shopping.  Just take a look for the Purple colored tags.  Those usually indicate a clearance.  Look for special displays of merchandise in the “Wrong” department.  In our store, that area is in the frozen section.  There are some shelves that are routinely filled with overflow items.  Most have very attractive prices. 

All purchases you make should have a coupon to match.   Our fresh meats and produce rarely have coupons.  Try to match as many of your other items as you can to coupons.  This will help off set the overall percentage for your cart. 

You should always Maximize your savings.  Gather the coupons you can use. If you see V8 Splash on sale, and it’s a family favorite you may want to order coupons before it goes off sale.  This is a staple for you, so you should stock it up now to save more later.  This concept is very difficult for newbies.  Yet essential for true coupon savings.  If you need to start slower, try to stock up just one month ahead. 

My budget is $85 per week out of pocket.  My same budget has been in place for over 7 years.  I have a family of 5.  I will spend $30 on fresh items including produce, meats and dairy.  Then I will spend $30 on stockpile coupon purchases.  Then another $25 on lunches and kid travel needs. This keeps me balanced.  I am always moving forward on my stockpile and rotation of foods, while keeping freshness in the house.  The amount YOU will use will vary based on number of people in your home, and things like if you’re packing lunches for family or dining out.  
Just because other shopper's budgets are increasing, you can still  save over 50% and keep your family finances in line.  

One final note, file a rebate if you can when you’re finished shopping!

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