Friday, January 23, 2015

Promotional Opportunities

There are many types of promotional opportunities that can save you money.  When I'm looking for additional ways to save, I will start looking for promotions to add to my coupons.   Some promotions are good for cash, some for free products, and some for totally unrelated perks.

Grocery store promotions are easy to find.  County Market always has one.  Right now you can play Illini Fever.  you get $3 off a set of 6 participating items.  Quick math will tell you that's fifty cents per item, and often gives you 25% off regular prices.  The portions are always important to keep in mind when setting your savings goals.  This promotion in particular will help me get to over 50% saved on my entire shopping cart.  I'll add coupons to the buy, and try to file a few rebates.  Store created promotions like this are always listed on 

The "Other" way to save with a promotion like this is to purchase those items your family desires that do not normally have coupons or discounts. 

There are ongoing promotions to add to your savings total.  Buy 9 gallons of milk get your 10th free, gas coupons, Max card savings coupons ($10 on your next purchase) etc.  These are often added up for you when you scan your max card.  These will become routine.

Manufacturer's promotions are big harder to find.  I use  several websites to keep me informed of savings opportunities.  Hot Coupon World , A Full Cup, and Refund Cents are good sites to find promotions offered by manufacturer's. There are forums on all these sites where you can look for specific things. I'm  always looking for free movie tickets and itunes downloads for my kids.  You can search for specific things that you want, or would normally spend money to get. 

By adding promotional money to your coupons, sales, and rebates you can pick up some nice things.  Enjoy!

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