Saturday, December 27, 2014

Print N Save

We're only a week away from the start of a brand new coupon year.  I've got some plans for 2015 and my plans involve using coupons to pay for some extras in life.  I'm thinking of starting a graduation fund for my 17 year old.  She wants to travel to London after she graduates high school, and I'm going with her.  So I'm going to use coupons to make that happen.  Want to save along with me?  Let's do it.  Each week when I use coupons I'll snap a quick picture of the savings and mark a running total.  That amount will go into my savings for London.  Some weeks will be big, some small but overall I've got 18 months to cover as much of her trip cost as possible.  Let's start today by printing coupons and building our coupon stashes!

For additions Print N Save Coupons:

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