Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Spending

Spending money for the holidays is something that everyone fusses over.  Did you spend too much?  Did you spend enough?  I've overheard many of my friends talking about how they budget for presents, and decorations, and food for the holidays.  What I find interesting is the fact that they wait until December to apply savings strategies that they could be using year round.

It all starts with good savings habits.  If you are prudent with your spending at the grocery store, this carried over into other aspects of your life.  Usually, we see a person decide they "Do not have enough money to make ends meet."  Then they decide to start using coupons.  But couponing is really more of  a life long commitment to budgeting and smart shopping.

Groceries are first.  Followed up by other retail shopping coupons.  These work the same way.  Collect yoru coupon, then buy the items on your wish list with a coupon match.  The match takes place when the item you want is on sale with a discount, AND you can apply a coupon. The Match is still the most important step in saving if it's a bottle of ketchup or a new winter coat.

Then come the other ways of saving.  Look at your bank register.  Who do you pay monthly?  Is there a way to get a coupon, or discount on that service each month?  Before you say no, call them up.  Be absolutely sure.  One phone call could save you hundreds of dollars on cable, internet, sattellite TV, haircuts, dance lessons, gym memberships, or even your regular lunch hot spot.  Ask them if they offer any coupons or discounts.  Here's the kicker, ask them if they offer coupons or discounts at any time during the year. There may not be a coupon today in December, but a half price deal may be offered next month. 

Also ask for cash discounts.  If you pay up front, and pay cash instead of credit card, can you save money?  Many businesses will offer a small discount in this manner.  Look for restaurant and movie deals right now for December.  My kids love eating at Fazoli's restaurant.  Now they have "Buy $20 gift card, and get $5 to use in 2015"  My kids will want to eat at Fazoli's at least 6 times next year.  If I buy now, and have gift cards, and use coupons I get from email I can save $40 next year just at Fazoli's.  Does that seem like a lot of money?  No, it does not.  But when I add up all my armchair phone calls and savings My goal will be to save myself over $600 by pre buying and getting discounts.

We are always happy that you save money with us at County Market, and that you make your coupon matches.  As we grow as coupon shoppers, I hope you find more ways to take your savings strategies to new heights.  Happy Savings on your holiday spending,

LeAnn Moyers

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