Friday, October 24, 2014

Future Purchase Discount Tickets

County Market rewards customers for spending a certain amount now, and earning a discount on a future purchase.  These discount coupons print at the register and are good for a specific date in the future.  In October, many of us earned 10% from October 19th to October 31st.  I have one I plan to use his week to stock up my pantry with winter staples.

It's a perfect week for redemption.  There are several items like Chili bean by Bush's where there are many newspaper coupons for $1 on 3 savings, and store deals like CM Saltines on sale $.79 for 16 oz (regular size) box.  As I looked at the coupon match up on Wednesday, I saw several printable coupons for items that I needed.  I also made a quick list of items that my family has requested, where I never see coupons.  Items like my daughter's potstickers which rarely go on sale and never have coupons.  This discount will be the only one I will ever see on these items.

Here are the steps you need to take the maximize your savings with your 10% offer
1.  Review the coupon match up.   See which items are on sale that match your HOT list.
2.  Print coupons online that are in the coupon match up.
3.  Check out your cabinets.  Have you used up some of you
spices or herbs?  Cooking spays, bread crumbs, or condiments are good buys.  Replace items that you are out of or use infrequently.
4.  Look over the store brands that offer a discount this week, and where you can stockpile.  The CM crackers are a good example.  Look for more things like frozen veggies and breads.
5.  Review your favorite meal plans.   We make lots of fajitas, tacos, nachos etc.  So I'm leaning on Carlita brands sale this week to stock my Mexican foods.
6.  Review the Web listed specials that are not in the weekly ad.  There are usually around 20 additional items you can review for your shopping list.
7. Take a look at your   coupon organizer.  Are their coupons you have been hanging onto just waiting for a good match up?  This may be it!  If it hasn't gone on sale, and the expiration time is 10/31 go ahead and use it now with your discount ticket.

These are easy to organize steps.  Once you have your master list ready, you'll maximize your savings for this great week of shopping.

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All internet coupon print limits are subjective. At the time of this email coupons were available for print. If the daily or weekly print limit has been reached, the coupon will be automatically pulled from the websites. You can try to print again tomorrow. All coupons listed are not available in our stores. We list them so you can order or find them to save you money. Check with clipping services, trade boards, or ebay to find coupons not in your store. It is our intent to help you find as many savings opportunities as possible. Enjoy!