Friday, September 26, 2014

EE Brands this week

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally the store brands peak my interest.  This week our ad is LOADED with Store brand  specials.  There are many store brand names at County Market.  
 Look for these this week:
· Chill
· Super Crunch
· Everyday Essentials
· Dutch Farms
· Homelife
Most of the time, I can pick up an item with coupon for less than the store brand.  This week is different.  I can easily see several stockpile worthy items for less. 
This is where your price book can help you.  If you are regularly jotting down prices of items you buy on a regular basis, you'll know the average price you pay once you use a coupon. 
Each month County Market has a 10 or $10 sale.  During this week you'll see both name brands and store brands on sale.  Pay special attention to those items on your wish list.  There are always those items  that you need that never have a coupon.  I often look for mandarin oranges, hot cocoa mix, and peanuts.   

If you have not started your price book.  Start it now.  Write down the items you buy, and prices you usually pay.  Then make some tally marks. Put a tally next to each bag of marshmallows you USE, not purchase.  This will help you to not overbuy when you see a sale.  If you don’t feel up to tallys in your pricebook you can photocopy your receipts and keep a log of all things you purchase.
Some of the items I track for our family include:  Trash bags, Toilet Paper Rolls, Storage bags, Pet Foods, Coffee, Tea, Condiments, and oddly...cheese.  It’s a tough thing for me to estimate so I track cheese.  
For additions Print N Save Coupons:

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