Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catalina Rewards 5/6 County Market

Catalina Rewards are a great way to extend your savings.  Catalina's are good On Your Next Purchase (OYNP) and print after you complete your transaction at County Market.  Enjoy!

Tropicana 4/30 to 5/18
Buy 1 get $1 OYNP

Pull Ups Training Pants   from 3/24 to 6/15
Buy 1 get $2 OYNP

Haagen Daz Ice Cream Bars 6 ct box  3/24 to 9/7
Buy 1 get $1 OYNP

Alaway-does not list size  3/13 to 6/30
Buy 1 get $4 OYNP 

Stouffers Entrees  3/24 to 5/18
Buy 6 and get $1.25 OYNP

Scott Bathroom tissue 4/1 to 6/30
Buy 2 and get $3 OYNP

Skinny Cow frozen treats Package  3/25 to 9/7
Buy 1 get $1

Downy (excludes trial size)  3/24 to 5/18
Buy 1 get $1 OYNP

Cover Girl   3/24 to 5/18
Buy 1 get $1.50
**There are about 30 item upc's listed that are included in this offer.

Cottonelle 4/1 to 6/30
Buy 1 get $2 OYNP

Bounty Towels 2 pack 3/24 to 5/18
Buy 1 get $1 OYNP

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