Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays

This is our holiday meeting.  Most of our clubs are celebrating today.  We are spending a little extra time today at our club to just talk and enjoy an hour. 

As I think about our group, I start to think of all the things our coupon club does besides clip coupons.  We have two new mommies this year.  We have ladies who have gotten new jobs and changed their work hours (we miss Sandy and Lori!) We have kids who went to college, and daughter who has her first job after college.  We have grandma’s who have become taxi’s for their working kids, and we have new faces who are very excited to have joined us recently.  We’ve found a way to get to know each other and look our for one another this year, and it feels good. 

Yes, we clip coupons and save money.  Which is the primary reason we meet each week.  We really have changed how we buy EVERYTHING.  Don’t you know someone who would like to save some money?  Do you know someone like the ladies I mentioned above?  Someone who needs an extra hand knowing all the deals and finding all the coupons?   

As we are thankful for the friends we’ve made, and the savings we have earned, let’s not forget that we are constantly growing.  As you go into 2014, let’s all think of those who are friends on Facebook, or drive in our carpool, or we see at the hair dresser.  Let’s expand our circles a bit. 

Couponing and saving money is a way of life for many of us.  It’s time we shared what we have learned, and that we help another mom, grandma, or friend.  January is Bring a Friend to Club month.  We all need to try to invite someone to our regular club meetings in January.  By this time next year, you could have really helped someone who needs it, and have a really good friend. 

Happy Holidays,

All Clubs are OFF December 25 and 26.

Winter Weather:  If any schools are cancelled or get out early, coupon club is cancelled!  Use good judgment-do not take unnecessary risks.  You can also call your store, or check Facebook with your host. 

For additions Print N Save Coupons:

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