Friday, August 30, 2013

Bargain Hunting

Hunting bargains is an active sport for our local coupon club.  This past week I was part of the team that caught a stray cart full of marked down merchandise.  We quickly inventoried the contents, matched coupons and devoured the contents.  It really was quite a sight.  I know this, because I saw the look on one of the new cashier's face.

Later that same cashier asked, "What was happening?"  So I began to explain how bargain hunting works.  As coupon shoppers, we know we should look at the sale list each week when we get to the store.  But we should also review the area and scope out some marked down merchandise, the clearance items, seasonal mark downs, and general unadvertised items.

Identifying these mark downs is easy if you are trained in knowing what to look for in store.  A cart full of "Stuff" near the registers with a neon starburst is  direct and easy sign to target.  Last week, L'Oreal shampoo's and Conditioners were regular $4, marked down to $2.  Immediately, we knew there were $1 on 1 coupons in our stash.  Then it was simply a matter of how many were available and who all wanted some.  As we were digging in this glorious mark down cart, we also found some air fresheners, net $.50 each, and some snack foods.

There are other ways to find deals in stores.  These vary from store to store.  It depends on the customer buying patterns for each community.  Items that have expiration dates every 6 months are good items to keep an eye out for in store.  I've noticed those items will have a purple clearance sticker or Price Cut green sticker periodically.  For example:  coffee creamers, take and bake items (cinnamon rolls or crescent rolls), juice bottles, and cheese mixes.  You will mostly find the least popular blends are on clearance.  The popular ones rotate quicker.

Keep in mind, should you purchase "Close to expiration" items, you need to use them right away.  When the store discounts, you still have time to consumer the product.

You will also find some great deals around the seasonal displays.  Last week, summer themed napkins and paper plates were marked down to $1.  Yes, they had watermelons on them, but were a good deal.  Those seasonal areas should be reviewed each week you are at coupon club.  You never know what you'll find! Candy is often marked down and has a coupon to match near holidays.

I encourage your club to do a little bargain hunting while you're in the store.  Right now is a good time!  I hope you pull in a Whopper!

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