Friday, July 12, 2013

What it's Worth

One of the key principles of saving money revolves around value and worth.  I was visiting with an old friend.  One whom didn’t know what I do for a living and we were discussing finances.  It was interesting to listen to someone who doesn’t coupon shop talk about savings.  I’m surrounded by savers at coupon meetings and with questions from the blog each week. 

Most of us are trying to find ways to have just a little extra in our budget each month.  The fastest and easiest way to is not look at how to cut $20 this week at the grocery store, but how to cut $50 off our clothing allowance, $25 from entertainment, or $50 from utilities.

My friend, was telling me about how much things cost these days.  A pair of tennis shoes, a  tank of gas, and a new set of blinds came up in conversation.  She truly felt there was nothing to be done about prices and what she pays for things.   She “Had” to spend that money. 

She did something interesting.  She  interchanged the words “Cost” and “Worth.”  We all do this.  We look at the price tag on a pair of shoes and decide the shoes are worth what the printed tag says.  It’s a habit that is hard to break. 

One of the strongest tools for saving money is breaking this habit.  We all have varying values for things in our lives.  An orange couch is valued higher for one person than another. 

One thing I try to do when shopping for anything, is to ask myself, “What is this worth to me?”  Before I look at the price.  Try to decide what you want to pay for the item.  It doesn’t work for all things you need to buy, but helps with most.  This gives you a little perspective before making a purchase.

Another way to battle worth is to not buy anything over $50 without giving yourself time to evaluate ways to save.  Time will allow you to gather coupons, look for discounts, or comparison shop.  This includes your weekly grocery shopping.  Give yourself a few minutes to get your list and coupons in order. 

The grand slam of deciding worth is to decide if you need to buying anything at all.  Back to my friend, she “Had to buy new shoes for work.”  She didn’t need them, she wanted them.  Ouch! That’s the one that gets us all.  We love to shop, we love buying things, but evaluating if we need or want something.   If your wants fail you, you can always tell yourself that you can have that unnecessary item after a period of time.  Try one week.   Your evaluation of worth can save you thousands over the years.  Try to incorporate some of these techniques in your savings plans.

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