Friday, June 14, 2013


The foundation of good coupon shopping is making a Match.  Think of it like the kids game Memory.  We’re looking at the list of sale items each week, and Matching them to the manufacturer coupons we have in our stash.  All of our shopping list should begin with a good Match.

I work my grocery list and matches two directions.  The first way is to look at the ad for the week and then pull my coupons.  That’s pretty simple.  I see Minute Maid orange juice on sale for $1.99 and I have a $1 coupon, I’m picking up a couple containers of OJ this week.  It saves me money and “Juice” is part of my weekly buying.  If I can save enough money, and I have a place for it, I’ll buy next week’s juice at a discounted rate too. 

The second way I handle matches is a bit different.  I like to gather coupons in my stash for items I need to complete favorite meals.  This week, I’m carrying around  some frozen veggie coupons.  I’m not brand particular, so I can switch to whichever is on sale, or whichever has the lowest net after coupon price.  I want to make Cowboy Hash browns this week.  For this, I need a package of frozen potatoes, and a bag of frozen peppers and onions.  

In my coupon organizer I have a special place for these coupons.  I aptly named it, “Must buy this week.”  I placed the Green Giant, Birdseye and Picsweet coupons in here.  My plan is to go to the store, and decide once I get there which match to make.  I’m hoping to find an in store deal!  Since I’m out of these items, and I’m craving the cowboy hash browns, it  has become a must buy.
Ideally, I would have bags of the frozen peppers and onions in the freezer, but I do not.   We all misjudge how much to get every once in awhile.   This is where these stash coupons can save me money.  Instead of buying a bag for $2.49 or full price, I’ll pay $1.49 and not feel to badly about running out of my stockpile.  

There are coupons I stash just because I MAY want to buy the product in the future.  These coupons are essential for matches like my hash browns.  Some of the stash coupons I keep at all times include:  Seasonings, condiments, and  frozen veggies.  You never know when you may find a brand new recipe to try, or a craving will hit you out of the blue.  

Then there are things like Dromedary Pimentos.  I love those! I cook with them all the time.  I pop them into salads, and potato dishes.  I have 10 coupons right now that I keep checking weekly at the store for a deal.  So far, still full price.  Actually, I’ve never seen them on sale, so the coupon will suffice in a good savings for me.  But I will wait until the last week before the coupon expires hoping to get a store sale on pimentos.  I don’t NEED them now, and I’m planning to buy 10 jars. If the price only falls a mere $.10 it’s still a dollar extra saved.  If there is no rush to get an item, wait.  This Match may take some time, but can save you extra money.  

I’ve been holding 2 Hungry Jack coupons for 8 weeks now just waiting for a sale.  It has free mix when you buy Syrup.  So I’m hoping for the syrup sale.  We’ll play the Match game together and see what the next three weeks brings us.

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