Friday, May 24, 2013

Diggin Some Savings

Let’s expand our savings to other areas.  Our club has just started thinking outside the café!  I had some Hosta plants that needed splitting this spring.  I decided to invite the club out to my house for some freebie splits.  My thoughts were that some members MIGHT like some freebie plants.  Little did I know that 5 club members would come out and really appreciate the savings on garden splits.

That got me to thinking.  What other savings have I not shared with the club?  We talk about ways to save on our heat and air bills. We talk about gas savings, and renting movies.  Most of our clubs have been running now for over 3 years.  We have some tight knit groups at stores who can possibly expand their savings ideas to other areas, outside the County Market café area.  Here are some ideas your group can explore:

1.  Gardens.  Not only can you share perennial plant starts, but seeds and bulbs as well.  What about produce?  I’m going to be heavy on tomatoes this season.  I got a little carried away with my plant purchases.  Yet, I know I’m going to be short on melons.  A trade may be in order.  If you’re early enough, maybe you can each purposely plant different things to trade later. When we dug plants at my house, we expanded to iris bulbs, ornamental grasses, and lilac bushes.  No harm for me, I had tons.

2. Carpooling.  We’ve talked about carpooling to and from coupon club.  Where else do you run errands?  Anyone need a carpool on a different day of the week?  

3. Books.  I have too many.  So I cleared off some of my Taste of Home magazines and I’m bringing them to club this week.  Sharing some new recipes matches our club interests very well.  Take inventory here this week.  Who subscribes to a magazine that would be willing to trade? I get Scrapbooking and Handyman magazines too.  We’ve never discussed outside interests, but now's the time to share.

4. Referrals.  I’ve seen the ads.  A lady saves $100 per month on her movie channels for a referral.  Why not work together within the coupon club to save some bucks on you entertainment  budget?  Does your internet provider provide a referral discount?  Or your insurance company?  

5. Borrow, don’t buy.  I need to use a power washer for a small project this summer.  I hate to spend $300 to buy a new one for just a small job.  So I am planning to borrow one from a friend.  Make a list of jobs you plan to attempt in the next three months.  Now share your plans here at club.  Does anyone have tools that can be borrowed that will save you some money?  What about extra hardware or lumber scraps?  My scraps just collect dust in my garage.  To my surprise, I found someone who wants to the old window in my garage and will come pick it up!  She’s tickled to have a new greenhouse window for free.

I’ve given you some ideas to get you started this week expanding your savings outside of County Market.  It’s always our goal to save you money on groceries.  If we can, we’ll help you find other money conscientious pals to help you save money in other ways too. 

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