Friday, April 26, 2013

Multiple Inserts

So many coupons, so little time!  Many customers don’t get into couponing because they do not know how to manage all the coupons.  The first stop in couponing is to build up your stash.  That means buying multiple Sunday inserts.  Once you get them home, you’ll need to handle them.

There are two ways to handle all these inserts.  One way is to not clip the coupons.  Each insert can be kept intact and only clipped once you know you want that particular offer.  This system works best if you organize the inserts by date. Paper clip the inserts together and mark the issue date with a black sharpie marker.  Should you buy inserts you may get them all messed up or forget when the issue date.  The dates and the market is printed on the seam. 

With this method, you’ll also need access to the internet.  As you see a match in our sale to your needs list, you’ll then do a quick search online to see if you have the coupon that matches the sale.  For example, let’s say Peter Pan is on sale.  You’ll type Peter Pan in a coupon database.  When it shows up it will give you the insert date.  I use Hot Coupon World’s site.  Then you can go back the  stack of issues your coupon will be inside and clip them.  This style saves clipping time up front, but does require some record keeping.

The second method, is to clip all the coupons immediately.  I clip mine on Monday nights.  It takes me about 20 minutes.  There are some tips in clipping multiple coupons that will save you some time.  First, split each like insert by page.  Stack them up on top of one another.  Step 2, is to take a
stapler and place it over the stacked coupons and staple.  Do not staple in the barcode area.  Step 3, clip.  Only cut when they are all together, not one at a time.  Now as you sort them eliminate your coupon organizer, you will not sort each individual coupon, but the sets.  This will save you sorting time.  Plus, when you have a good sale match you’ll want ALL of your like coupons.

Managing your coupons is important.  Whichever method you select, it needs to be something you can handle consistently.  Find that one time each week you can consistently work on your coupons.  

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