Friday, April 19, 2013

Maximizing Your Savings

During the spring sales, is the best time to review your stockpile. As the season warms up, it’s also time to think about all your meal changes. How are you set for BBQ’s, carry in’s, picnics, ball games, road trips and beverages?

Yep, that’s what I thought. Time to restock! Some summertime ways to save involve knowing what you have at home. Condiments are big in the summer months. Make a list for the next 4 weeks.  Pick up Ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, everything for quick sandwiches and burgers.  Don’t forget seasonings, grill mates etc.

Once you make your list, then start looking for coupons.   Some of the coupons I have ordered include juice boxes, fruit snacks, ice cream bars, and pickles.  Make a complete list.  Be sure to think of all the items you are missing for the upcoming months.

Be sure to take a look at the meat specials that are coming up soon.  Review your freezer and determine your space.  What meats can you buy as the sales unfurl in the next few weeks?  What will you need for a last minute weiner roast or when company drops by on a nice summer night?  Plan your marinades and freezer bags before each buy.

Finally, look for beverages and rebates. I am filing like crazy with rebates I’ve found online. Lots of good deals for ice, coolers, soda, grilling meats, snacks and fresh produce. When looking for rebates, I usually search key words: “Fresh Produce, Rebate, IL.” or try a sting for items you know you are buying (or bought) like Condiments, buns, picnic essentials. Lots of rebates are geared towards outdoor meal prep.

My kids are well trained snack savers. It took a lot of work! But they now know if we’re going on a trip, grab some snacks from home before we hit the road. Good grab and go items are bottled water, grapes, or cereal bars. My summer stock pile changes a lot from my winter. Look for coupons for items that are easy to go with you and you’ll find yourself saving on all those drive thru trips.

Do gather all your shopping bags and easy to tote coolers.  Our kids use their lunchboxes in the summer time.  This is also a good time to buy some new reusable freezer bags.  For those hot months that are coming that can keep cool items and are easy to tote around. 

We have one place near the kitchen for winter boots and scarves, then in summer we switch.  This is where we keep cleaned out lunch boxes, insulated grocery bags, and coolers.  Kids can pack their own treat bags. It doesn’t hurt to have them throw in a lemonade for mom now and then!

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