Friday, April 12, 2013

Catalina Education

Catalina rewards are one of the unique ways to save at our stores.  You can actually get a reward good on your next purchase when you support a particular brand.  These are great add on savings.  You can coupon and sale shop, then add the catalina reward to a planned buy.

All catalina rewards are good only between start and stop dates.  They print out after you complete your transaction-post payment.

For example, this month we have Dole Fruit’s on our list  We also have newspaper coupons, peelies, and hangtag coupons in the marketplace we can use.  The key is to see a sale for they type of fruit you want, and hit the savings trifecta.  You can always use coupons when you are qualifying for a catalina reward.  When I picked up Pineapple chunks last week, I had a sale price of $.99, used a coupon for $.75/2, and when I bought 4 cans, it printed an additional $.75 On Your Next Purchase. 

My net for a can of Dole Pineapple was $.44 each.  That’s a great deal on Dole brand.  My son just loves chunks for an after school snack.  At this price, it paid to do some planning and roll some catalinas.

Rolling catalinas are a method of shopping where you select two offers from two different companies.  The reason behind rolling versus just buying items, is to have less out of pocket weekly, and to ensure your catalina’s all print.  If you use a Dole catalina to buy Dole products, an additional catalina will not print out.  So you want to alternate companies when using Catalina rewards to buy more catalina merchandise.

This week I’m looking at using my  Cottonelle Peelies to save anaditional $1 on 1 with the sale price of $4.99 on the 12 pk.  The Catalina will give an additional $2 on 2.  There is a limit of 2 per transaction, so you’ll have to limit to the 2 per time through the line.   I’ll end up paying only $2.99 each.  That’s a good savings for TP.

I will Roll my Dole catalinas and save my Cottonelle’s to use with purchases next week.  So as I check out, I will not use Cottonelle catalina rewards when I’m buying additional Cottonelle.  I want to ensure all my offers print. 

If you wanted, you could buy Cottonelle, then use those rewards on Digiorno pizza, go to your car and put your goodies away. Go back in the store and repeat.  You can speed up your rolling time period if there are two things you want and they are both available for the sale/catalina on the same dates. 

Coupon etiquette requires that to roll catalina’s you put your paid goods in the car, then return to the store.  It’s to ensure the staff knows you are not moving goods around your cart and not paying for them.  If you try to do lots of transactions out of one cart, it gets confusing and messy for all involved.  Etiquette would allow you to not add any additional pressure onto your cashier or bagger.  

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