Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Catalina Rewards 3/26 County Market

All New Catalina's are listed.  Catalina Rewards print after you complete your transaction.  The Printed coupons are good for amounts off On Your Next Order (OYNO).  Be sure to review the start and stop dates for the offers below.  Enjoy!

Gerber Organics 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 5 - 9 Get $1.00 off  OYNO
Buy 10 - 14 Get $2.00 off
Buy 15+  Get $3.00 off

Poise Hourglass 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 2  Get $1.00 off
Buy 3+  Get $1.50 off

Yoplait Core Cups 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 15 - 19 Get $1.25 off
Buy 20+ Get $2.00 off

These Dole print for each type of fruit.  On sale for $1 each, use coupons from newspaper to save $.75 on 2 these are a great deal.  Get sets of 4 cans. I picked up 4 pineapple and 4 oranges it printed both cats in the same transaction because they are written PER type.
Dole 20oz canned Pineapple 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 4+ Get $.75 Off

Dole 8oz canned Pinapple 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 4+ Get $.50 Off

Dole Canned Mandarin Oranges 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 4+ Get $.75 Off

Dole Real Fruit Bites 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 2+ Get $0.75 off

Dole Tropical Fruits 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 4+ Get $.50 Off

Uncle Ben's 3/25 to 4/21
Buy 5 - 7 Get $1.00 off
Buy 8+  Get $2.00 off

Gerber Good Start 3/29 to 4/21
Buy 3+ Get $5.00 off

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