Friday, March 29, 2013

Attack Calendar

              When I’m planning to do some major coupon shopping I follow a plan.  My plan usually starts with a sale.  Knowing when an item may go on sale, that is on your hot list is key to saving big dollars.
              For example, Salad dressings and BBQ sauce will be coming on sale starting in April.   How do I know this?  Years of coupon shopping and matching up sales. 
                 Since I know that those items will be coming on sale, I need to start gathering coupons for them now so matching is easy.  When I gather them, I want to be sure to gather higher dollar coupons and not keep the lower ones.  For condiments, keep the $.75 to $1 on one, drop the $1 on 2 coupons. 

The seasons will dictate good times to buy specific items.  Memorial Day is our next big push for summer items.  Look for things like:
lemonade mix, hot dogs, ketchup and mustard, pickles, marshmallows, chips & dips, buns and charcoal.  These items fit the season, it’s time to start the barbeque and carry in picnics.  

Here’s a quick overview of some items I plan to buy in specific months at County Market:
· January-Beauty products, mayo, toilet paper, vitamins, weight loss meals
· February-Chocolate, Cans –cans– and more cans, crackers, soups, dried noodles
March-corned beef, Frozen foods,  cleaners
· April-Baking goods, sugar, flour, eggs, butter, food coloring, d├ęcor
· May-picnic and bbq foods, paper products, plastic wrap, aluminum foils, condiments, jars of ingredients (pimentos, artichokes etc)
· June-Allergy meds, bottled water, drink mixes, frozen desserts, popsicles , buns
· July-Ground beef, sunscreen, soda, paper products, serve ware
· Aug-Lunch box foods, cereal, milk, yogurt, dried fruit mix, granola bars, cookies
· Sept-Spices, canned beans, veg, canned fruit,
Oct-baking needs, cooking oil, spices, apples, candy, cough drops
· Nov-bread mixes, gravy packets, frozen pies, bread crumbs, frozen bread dough, potatoes
· Dec-sparking wines, whipped cream, high end jams and sauces, hot cocoa, tea

Didn’t find something on your grocery list?  That doesn’t mean it will not go on sale.  Most general merchandise items will rotate on sale between 90 and 120 days.  So as your family likes to buy  String cheese, know that it will go on sale every 3 to 4 months.  When you see the sale, you’ll need enough to get you through until the next sale. 
If my daughter wants 1 sting cheese in her lunchbox and it’s on sale now:  12 pcs per package, and there are 76 school days in the next 4 months, I need to pick up 6.3 bags of Frigo string cheese.  To be safe, I need 7.  That is how you ensure you are always getting a sale price on goods you are consuming.  Apply this principle to all items you have on your grocery HOT list.

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