Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cookin With Coupons

Happy Valentines Day!  It's one of those great shopping days that make me feel good.  Today I saved $80 with coupons.  I bought all kinds of things, like breakfast foods: Cereal, bacon, orange juice, and pancake mix.  I also picked up seasoning mixes, taco fixin's and good stock items like egg noodles and frozen veggies.  With all my huge coupon savings, I can now save money on a dinner "Out" with the family for Valentines Day.

Here' my plan, I saved $80 SOLID, coupon dollars.  Not sales, actual coupons.   Every item I picked up is something my family will use.  So it's to the bottom line savings.  That means I have an extra $80 to prepare a really nice at home meal that is still far less than taking my family of 5 out to a restaurant. 

Here are my Sweetheart meal plans:  If it's too late to duplicate for tonight you can do this over the weekend for a change of pace for the family.

Main Entree:  Steaks!  I picked up bacon wrapped filets.  Yes..the super duper expensive ones.  No, I did not have a coupon :(  My plans are to use the Ruth Cris Steakhouse instructions to prepare them on  a hot pan with butter under the steaks.  Set on Broil, time each side to 4 minutes.  The pat of butter goes under the steak while cooking. 

Side:  Huge salad.  My kids love helping prepare the salad.  I used my Penny Pincher coupon to pick up one head of lettuce for $.69, then I'm mixing it with a bag of Dole Italian blend.  It will give us penty for the whole family at a good price.  I have fresh tomato, Sargento Italian cheese, Hormel real bacon toppings, and Texas Toast croutons.  I'll top with a variety of salad dressing, each member using their favorite.

Side:  Have you noticed the changes in bread?  The Hostess closing has really changed our bread selections.  I noticed something new in my store, we now have a store brand Texas Toast sliced bread.  I use to love a good garlic sprinkled toast when I was a kid.  So I bought a loaf that I can butter and sprinkle a little garlic powder and parsely on.  Toast it on a cookie sheet in the oven, flip sides after about 3 minutes for a nice golden bread, Do this BEFORE you prepare the steaks at a lower setting.

Side: Loaded baked potatoes.  The big huge potatoes are on sale for$.69 per pound.  Pick up some Nacho cheese and taco flavored cheese by Sargento, add sour cream from Prairie Farms, and fresh steamed broccoli from Green Giant.  Love these baked beauties. 

Drinks:  Yes, I picked up marcino cherries and gingerale.  We're celebrating with a cute Shirley Temple.  

Dessert:  Really?  Do you have any room?  We have Pillsbury cake mix in our Penny Pincher.  Make some cupcakes with the kids for a sweet after dinner treat. 

Total meal for family of 5:   $48.00  Far less than dinner out, and I don't have to wait in line.  It's a big night splurge for our family, but easily covered with my weekly coupon savings. 

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