Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cookin With Coupons

We have been busy this week building a Pinterest page for all our Cookin's with Coupons ideas.  Please join us there for LOTS of recipe ideas that are easy on the budget, and a few that just taste fabulous!  

You'll also find some good organization tips.  I like a well organized stockpile of coupon staples at my fingertips.  That sometimes requires some solutions for organizing.  I'll be sharing those as pins as well.  

This week, we have some good in store special on our brands, and we have some coupons in our ad.  Try these ideas to make the most of sale items:

Recipe #1  Cold Lunch Special
Do you remember when the teacher would ask you, "Hot lunch or Cold lunch?"  It always implied Cold was yucky and undesirable.  Not in my household!  I'm often home alone for lunch and I've decided I want to enjoy a quick bite to eat just like going out!  This week we have Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh combos on sale.  Try picking up a Brown Sugar Ham, and a loaf of Artisian bread from our deli.  A Focaccia,  or ciabatta will give you the grown up feeling.  The ingredients will give you the flavor you are craving.  Here are some coupon staples you can pick up easy to make a lunch special:  Sliced pepperchini By Mt. Olive-use newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1, Sliced thin Provolone by Sargento (20 slices per package is a good deal, look for the deli slice) -use newspaper coupon to save $.55 on 2, and  Plochman's sweet and spicy mustard-look for hangtags this week to save $.50 on 1, pick up some fresh tomato and red onion.  There re 3 good coupon savings to plus our own County Market coupon to save you money and give you a Yummy lunch.

Recipe #2 Picante and Pork Sandwiches
We've already picked up Pork Roast last week, and we picked up some Sargento Provolone above.  Now let's expand to an evening meal by preparing some interesting uncommon pork sandwiches.  In a saucepan mix 1 jar of Pace Picante sauce-use newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1,  and 3 T of Honey Mustard by French's,.  Then add your left over Pork roast from last week.  Stir until warm and serve on hamburger buns.  Top with a fresh lettuce from your Penny Pincher coupon booklet and Provolone cheese.  This mean can easily feed the family for an easy weeknight dinner without a lot of fuss.
Recipe  #3  Garden Soup
In a pinch one night this week?  We have Del Monte Tomato on sale, pick up two cans of diced varieties, and 1 can of the Italian variety.  It will have the seasoning to make this soup taste great.  Add in 1 can of Freshlike Green beans, 1 can of Freshlike corn, and 1 can of Freshlike mixed veggies, on sale for a mere $.59.  Next add in 1 can of Hormel white breast chicken.  Simmer in the crockpot for a soup your family will think was all made from scratch.  Hide the cans, they will never know!


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