Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cookin with Coupons

Everyone was buying Pillsbury Grands biscuits at coupon club today.  There's a store coupon inside our ad that offers FREE butter when you buy 5 Grands. Plus we can stack the $.40 on 2 newspaper coupons so these are a great buy.   So, I think it's fitting to have some recipes using Grands buscuits.  

Also, Hormel came out with these coupons just today, print them while you can.   

Grands Meal #1 Easy Chicken Pot Pie
2 cans of Progresso Rich and Hearty chicken Pot pie soup (you can use any cream of soup and mixed veg from your coupon stock), 2 cups of leftover cubed chicken, 1 bag of frozen veggies CM brand is in the 10 for $10 sale, and 2 rolls of Grands Biscuits.  Mix all veggies and soups together and pour into a baking dish.  Cut the grands in half lenghwise and place on top of the pie mixture.  Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.  

Grands Meal #2  Big Biscuit Breakfast 
My kids are getting harder to please for breakfast.  I made these up and they loved them.  Cook up some Jimmy Dean pork sausage patties.  You can cook these in the evening and warm them at breakfast, then add a layer of scrambled eggs, and top with Sargento "Snack" cheese.  The Snack cheese has coupons, those are the mozerella slices, or colby sliced snack cheese.  Add them to your baked Grands biscuits and you have a great meal.  This is a nice INEXPENSIVE breakfast alternative.  These can also be made up ahead of time and frozen as microwavable breakfast sandwiches. 

Grands Meal #3 Donuts
Oh yes.  My mom used to make donuts out of Grands when I was a kid.  We would simply quarter the biscuits and fry them up.  I usually just add vegetable oil to a skillet and set it on medium high.  You want to cook them slowly and take them out when they float and look golden.   While they are sill hot, you can roll the donut in a cinnamon and sugar combo, or dust with powdered sugar.  My favorite is the powdered sugar.  These are so good hot.  My kids now love these at home donuts that do not make a mess and are cooked in minutes. At least one of my five cans will be donuts!


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