Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cookin With Coupons

Fun ideas!  Let's do some fun cool easy things this week.  I've got three kids and asked them all, "If you had mom fix one thing more often, what would it be?"  These ideas came from their inspiration. 

Pinterst is a great place for coupon meal ideas.  We have a page!  See County Market Coupon News pins hereKeep the ideas rolling, I love new coupon meals to try.  

Idea #1  Fancy Smancy bread
I've got a bread machine and love making fresh bread.  My son loves eating it all up.  To the point that making bread fast and easy has been a problem.  There is never a left over slice.   Here is something I've tried that works great.  Take one box of Fleischman's Country White bread mix (coupons readily available in the newspaper $.75 on 1).  Add 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese from Sargento, and 1/2 cup of Hormel  Real Bacon pieces (found next to salad croutons, look for peelie coupon to save $.75 on 2).  Bake on regular bread cycle and it's a great Fancy bread for a weeknight, or after school snack.

Idea #2  Fancy Smancy Drink
My oldest is a huge fancy coffee fan.  And taking her to the coffee shop for cocoa and coffee drinks is not only a long trip, but gets quite costly.  So we came up with this easy to whip up at home drink for cold days.  We take a coffee cup, fill half with milk.  Then add, 2 shot of coffee, 2 shots of Nestle Carmel Macchiato liquid creamer, add Prairie Farms dairy whip and sprinkle cinnamon.  She thinks it great, but isn't a full on coffee

Idea #3  Fancy Teeny Weeny Tacos
Taco CupcakesInspired by a pinterest post, make taco night fit in a 7 year old's hand.  She ate more than a usual night's dinner because the food was so cute.  Get out your muffin pan and give it a quick spay of cooking oil.  Then cut 3" squares from wonton wrappers.  Place Old El Paso refried beans (on sale), or seasoning taco burger mix, or seasoned chicken then another square, then top with choice of Sargento shredded cheese, Hunts Diced tomato, Ortega Salsa (use newspaper coupon to save $.50 on 2)or fresh chopped onion.  Bake for 10 minutes at 375 and you have perfect foods for 7 year olds.  (They don't need to know it's just tacos in a muffin pan.        

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