Friday, December 28, 2012

Preparing for 2013


In additional to Checking your fire alarms, and changing the furnace filters for New Years, there are some things you can do to help you get ready for a good year of saving money.
1. Set your weekly and annual savings goals.  Will you save $20 or $40 per week?  Will you plan to save half with Advertised savings, and half with Coupons?  Take a look at some of your past receipts and set a  reasonable goal.
2. Review your stockpile.  By now, you should be gathering multiples of your hot deals.  How many do you need?  Did you  run out of anything last year and have to pay full price in a pinch?  Which items are on your families HOT list?  You’ll need to make up an annual grocery needs list.
3. Donate!  Are there too many items in your stockpile?  It may be time to donate a few of those great hauls you picked up before they expire.  Food pantries are slammed in December, and ready for you in January. 
4. Clean out your organizer.  It will have expired 2012 coupons.  Maybe it’s time to reorganize according to YOUR shopping habits.  Do you need an additional category in your organizer for special coupons?
5. Join all the mailing lists.  This week is a good time to visit manufacturer websites and sign up or e coupons and newsletters.  When a coupon becomes available they will email the Direct link to you .  While you are on the sites, drop each a personal email and ask for a coupon to mailed.  Most will send you a coupon or two quickly.
6. Order coupons with a long exp date from clipping services.  Items you KNOW you will need in 2013:  Trash bags, produce, toilet paper, and family favorites.  Have them ready on hand so when the sale hits, you'll be ready to save. 
 For additions Print N Save Coupons:
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