Friday, December 14, 2012

Plan It Out

A simple way to organize yourself and save more money, is to make a list.   I see shoppers all the time in the store with their hand written needs.  There are ways to make the list easier to create weekly.

  • Use a downloaded grocery list manager on the web or on your phone. I’ve got an android shopping list that remembers what I had on my list for shopping in the previous week.  So repeats are as simple as touching the screen. There are 1000’s of free list programs online.

  • Use the “ready to go” list from our blog. Just highlight the weekly match up, and Print Selection. Do not print the entire blog! The items that are on sale will print with nice little boxes for you to check off. That saves me time writing out the top coupon matched purchases I plan to make.

  • Hand write it the old fashioned way. When I do this, I do not include the items from the sale ad. I instead write anything that is NOT on sale that I have to remember to get at the store.  All sale items I should have a coupon already sorted and ready to redeem, so I should remember those.

  • Try making your list DURING coupon club. Sometimes that will give you more time to sit and really think about what you need to prepare meals this week.  IF you do not attend club, make your list on a set day each week while reviewing the coupon match blog, or looking at the weekly ad.

  • You can also take inventory of stockpile and then decide what should be on the list. If you have a roast, 1 lb of Hamburger and some noodles, you can put those in programs on the net to see what recipes match what you already have. Then that will help you to use up items in the pantry.

  • Options!  I always keep some options in my list.  Items I may buy or may pass onto the next week.  These are things I’m getting low on in my stockpile and that I do not foresee going on sale.  I’ll pull those coupons and take a look at the in store specials to see if I can snag a deal.  These are on a separate list, or color coded.

  • Your list should also include How Many.  What are your plans for the purchase?  Is the items something you can save on now for meals in the next 13 weeks?  How many would you need?  How many can you store?  How many items does it take to save your family an extra $20? 

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