Friday, November 9, 2012

The Swap

We launched a brand new club in Quincy last week.  As I was helping the group understand what the coupon club would do each week, it occurred to me that we may need a refresher everywhere.

First, the clubs are a starting point for gathering coupons.  It was created to make sure County Market was able to provide coupons locally to those groups that were looking for coupons, but not having a lot of luck finding them.

Second, it’s a support group.  It’s fun to save money with coupons.  However, over a long period of time, a little support to keep going helps.  The group can help by splitting up some of the information gathering that all coupon users do each week.  When we work together the 3 hours per week can become 2. 

Third, the swap involves everyone.  We send starter coupons to each store to get the party started.  Each member should bring coupons to trade with them to the meetings.  These can be Sunday insert coupons, tearpads or booklets found while shopping or coupons ordered online. 

Each member should come with a sorted group of coupons ready to pass around and share with the group.  We pass ours to the Left around a group of tables.  That way everyone starts at the same time, and has equal opportunity to pick out some coupons.

Finally, the meeting should include a time where you share your HOT list with each other.  Our group simply announces, “I’m looking for Tide laundry coupons this week,”  Then members who have those coupons that do not intend to use them can share.  This also identify’s products you prefer to the group so when they see tearpad or peelie coupons while shopping can get some for you.  Save each other some search time!

The clubs are great motivational tools for savers.  Invite a new friend to join you at the group this week.  The more that meet with your team the more you each save.

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