Friday, November 2, 2012

Piggy Backs Part Two

Part one of piggy backing brought some questions.  Where to get the coupons?  We usually have plenty of coupons at our swap meetings.  We all bring any newspaper, printable, and mail coupons we have that we do not intend to use.  We then just start passing them around the table.  We have HUNDREDS of coupons each week. 

We also have members who buy from online sources and always pick up extras for the group.  $3 in extra coupons is about 100 mixed coupons.  So an easy way to share and help each other out.

The key to Piggy backing is to find the one coupon that connects two stacks of coupons.  My experience is that mostly that coupon will be a ambiguous coupon.  We used the “Save $1 on chips” and it did not indicate which type of chips would be necessary.  That coupon was the key to getting two very specific stacks to work together.  It tied the Velveeta and Kraft stack to the Pepsi and Chips stack. 

Coupons do have varying values other than the face value.  Experienced coupon users will find that these ambiguous coupons that cover a category and not a specific brand can be the key to saving an additional $5 on a set of items. 

Other coupons of higher value to coupons users include Buy and Get coupons.  Obviously those are a minimum of 50% savings.  But you can also stack these much easier with the Cents Off coupons.  So any Buy and Get coupon is considered High Value or a HOT coupon.

The other really good coupons to look for are the FREE with Qualifier coupons.  Just like with Buy and Get coupons. If you are buying online, search for the type of coupon you want, not the item.

I was also asked last week if you can use a BOGO coupons when the items are on sale BOGO.  Yes!  That means the store is buying you one, and the manufacturer is buying the other.  The only thing better than 1 free is 2 free. It does not happen often, but it does happen about twice per year. 

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