Friday, November 30, 2012

Family Favorites

This week’s sale includes Creamette Egg noodles. I never seem to have any on hand.  My husband’s favorite meal happens to be tuna noodle casserole, and I’m always out of egg noodles.  Why?  I have not planned the meals.

This is a good time to take a look at 7 of your family’s most requested meals.  What are the key ingredients?  Are any of those ingredients shelf stable?  Can you store them for up to 6 months or longer? Then those items should be on your HOT list. 

When an item gets on your hot list.  This means that you are watching for both coupons to match, and the item to go on sale.  For my husbands tuna noodle, I need Creamette noodles, tuna, cream of mushroom, canned or frozen peas, and some Velveeta cheese.  My issue comes in when I stock more tuna due to sales, than noodles.  I’m off in my meal requirements. 

To decide how many noodle packs to purchase I looked at the reasonable shelf life of a bag of dried egg noodles.  Most sources say 6 months.  I always add more time to the standards and have no issues.  So I’ll say, 9 months.  If we fix tuna noodles 18 times, I need 18 bags of noodles.  No wonder I’m always short!  I never thought to purchase that many bags of noodles in the past.  Yet I seem to grab tuna cans by the cart full. 

The other thing to review, is how many of the other needed ingredients are on hand.  I had, 24 cans of tuna!  Yet I wouldn’t have just popped  open a can of tuna, so I need the noodles to prepare a meal.  I only had 6 cans of peas.  I have 80 can’s of green beans for some reason, but not enough peas.  So peas are now on the hot list too.

The canned peas will have a longer shelf stable life.  I love the frozen or fresh for stirfry’s or straight up dining.  For the casserole, I can get by with canned.

What are your 7 meals?  Take a look at all the ingredients and your stock.  Create a HOT list for sales.  Then, take a look at the coupons that are available to match your Hot List. 

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