Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cookin With Coupons

This is a great week to talk about making your food taste good.  I mean "GUUUD."   I use seasoning mixes.  All McCormick spices are 50% off at County Market.  Look at the dates, there are some great deals this week to save you in future weeks. Sometimes I use my coupons to snag deals for marinades, or dry rubs, other times I make my own.  These three are favorites of mine.  

Tip: I put the ingredients on the side of a cake frosting container so when I use it all up, I can replace the mix again easily.  Use a clear packing tape to keep the container clean and looking good.  I put Portions, not exact measurements.  Like listed below.  That way you can make a little or a lot depending on how well you use the mix.

Mix #1    Crock Pot/Stew seasoning
I use a big spoon, its double a T so I don't have to mix as often:

2 parts oregano 
2 parts basil
5 parts salt
5 parts black pepper
5 parts garlic powder
5 parts tablespoons paprika
2 parts celery seeds
5 parts  onion powder
2 parts rosemary
** optional, if you like a thicker sauce type seasoning, add 2 parts cornstarch

Mix #2  Grilled Vegetables Mix
Give the mixed veggies a quick spray of Pam, then sprinkle lightly, maybe one teaspoon total for a pan of veggies.

2 parts. onion powder
2 parts garlic powder
2 parts dried parsley flakes
1 parts dried basil leaves
1 parts dried thyme leaves
1 parts dried marjoram leaves
1 parts white pepper

Mix #3  Rotisserie/Baked Chicken rub 
I can't help it, I love the brown sugar in this mix.  It just seals the deal.

4 parts sea salt
2 parts paprika
2 parts onion powder
2 parts garlic powder
2 parts italian seasoning
2 parts brown sugar
1 part dried thyme
1 part dry mustard
1 part cayenne pepper
1 part black pepper

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