Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cookin With Coupons

Meal #1 Tri Tip Roast
I'm a lover of Prime rib, not a lover of the price.  Tri Tip roast, also called Tri-tip Steak because it's a flavorful portion near sirloin.  To make a great meal, add a rub, or just pepper and salt to the outside of your roast.  You'll bake in the oven at 450, for about 20 minutes, with foil on top.  The rub will help hold in juice, which you will need since this is a very lean cut of meat.  Then remove the foil and bake another 15 minutes to give it a nice crisp on the outside.  Since we are essential roasting in the over, it's a good idea to toss several vegetables to roast in another pan.  Potatoes, mushrooms, onions, green beans are all good choices.  Use one or all, toss with a seasoning like Lawry's before roasting.  It's a bit more involved, but makes a great meal for far less than the cost of a rib roast.

Meal #2  Rice a Roni and Brats
One of my hub's favorites.  Use 1 package of Rice a Roni  black beans and rice.  Add 1 T of butter to the mix.  This keeps it from getting glumpy.  Spell check is saying glumpy is not a word.  It is to me, it's a clumpy glue mess where everything sticks together, the butter prevents this with the rice.   Grill up some brats then cut them into the rice mix.  Serve hot.  To taste, add in one of the following:   Spice Islands coupon,  or Rotel coupon.   County Market brats come in many flavors, we like Italian Brats for this pairing. Zatarains has a $.50 on 2 coupon out or use a Knorr side from last week's stock, the cajun mix will easily work.

Meal #3 Wings
I've been waiting for wings.  I love my Deep fat turkey fryer, for making wings, not turkey.  The reason I love it, it gets over $450 quick, and therefore when I fry, I get less fat and more wing.  All wings are on sale this week so It's a good time to plan many meals of wings or Sunday grazing.  Fry all wings, then in a saucepan mix your flavors.  Standard Red Hot sauce is a good one.  Add 1 stick of butter to 1 bottle of Franks Hot sauce.  When the wings are good and done (crunchy and looking brown) pull them from the fryer and swirl in the sauce pan.  Just coat and then simmer for 1 minute.  If you let them sit longer you'll have soggy wings.  Take them out of the sauce and serve. 

Freezer Stock:
  • Butter
  • American Singles

Pantry Stock: 
  • Rice A Roni

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