Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cookin with Coupons

Excellent week to cook with our coupons.  It's the last warm days until winter.  We should have temps in the high 60's for the next two weeks across all our locations.  This is perfect for the huge chicken breast sale going on right now.  Chicken breasts, $1 lb, and whole fryers are $.77 lb this week at County Market. Look at that seasoned lovely whole fryer!

Meal #1  Shake that bake
This is a simple meal, yet tastes so great.  Take 4 chicken breasts and place in a large zip bag. I prefer the gallon Everyday essentials bags at County Market.  Marinade these lovely pieces with any of your back stock oil or vinegar dressings.  I have Ken's Balsamic with Honey, and Raspberry vinaigrette in ample supply. When I get home from shopping I will make up 4 bags of each.  16 total chicken breasts, all marinaded and ready for me.  I'll freeze 3 of each flavor and the others go in the fridge.  

What do you know, I've just prepped 8 meals in the time it took to prep 1.  I love saving time that way.  Next I will go ahead and split out some dry rub for grill time.  I'll just mix it up in a recycled frosting container and mark the contents as grill rub.  When I'm ready for the chicken, it can thaw overnight in the fridge, then when I'm ready to cook, I just shake some rub on the chicken and grill.  This week we have Knorr sides on sale, the rice dishes can cook on the grill top. Add a fresh tossed salad, all the fixins are on the 10 for $10 sale.  Take your pick. Should the weather turn, bake in the oven, these will still be tasty.

Meal #2  Beer Can Chicken
The whole fryers are only $3.50-4 each.  Yet when I grill this slowly this Saturday afternoon, I'll be able to keep the left overs for Chicken fajitas later.  So we're preparing a $4 chicken and covering at least 2 dinners.   I like to roll the chicken in a seasoning blend before mounting it on the stand.  I have lots of Weber chicken seasonings from our August coupon steal, where we paid $.25 each.  Need something new?  Try Sunbird's glaze mixes with this coupon. This is perfect to seal in the juice and flavor our bird. We can't really have beer can chicken without a can of beer, IL shoppers, look for Busch Light deals for $8 off Salty Snacks when purchasing the beer.  Makes a good cooking or drinking element, and we can rebate the purchase of chips!
 Compliments are simple:  

Meal #3  Mile High Nachos
Make this pile easy.  Super Crunch chips are on sale for only $.99 So we'll use the ground beef from last week's stockpile, and we'll add in some Nacho cheese sauce from Campbell's soups, some fresh tomato, onion, and lettuce.  I like to warm the cheese sauce and let the kids fix their own pile.  Add a little milk to the can so it is liquid. Taco Bell brand salsa and beans are on sale-look for tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2, and you have Mario Olives for $1, many coupons available for $1 off making those free this week. Add in some Guacamole from Wholly Guacamole's stockpile in August (my freezer has 6 boxes), and sour cream from Daisy, use the $.50 on 1 Catalina coupons.  This becomes a great meal at under $4, and uses many items from our stockpiles. 

Freezer Stock:
  • Chicken Breasts-split them before freezing and place in gallon bags.  Take another larger 2 gallon bag to put your frozen veg, season mixes and other meal prep into one large 2 gallon ready to go meal bag.
  • Whole Chicken-$77 lb always a good buy 
Pantry Stock:

  • Taco Bell refried beans, $.88 with coupon $.33 each
  • Super Value tortilla Chips $.99, store in seal tight containers up to 4 months.
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