Friday, October 19, 2012

Catalina Rewards are BIG

I can’t believe I missed that!  It happens, last week I missed a Catalina reward.  Don’t worry, it was in the list for you, I just didn’t pick up the Kraft Freshtakes and get my reward.  Seems like a good time to review Catalina Rewards.

These are coupons that print after you check out.  Once you have paid,  the machine that sits next to the cash register will check to see if you purchased multiples of products that they are promoting.  Last week, it had a pay out on Kraft Freshtakes.   If I had purchased 2, I would have gotten a $1 reward, 3 paid $2, and 4 paid $3 each.

The reward itself is a slim strip of paper.  The ones worth money are blue, and say, “Thank you for your most recent purchase you have earned $1.”  Rewards vary In monetary amounts according to what you are purchasing. This coupon will have a bar code on it.  That is what gives you the discount when you buy something the next time you shop.

Customers often get confused when they get the ads.  The machines will print off ads that tell you what the offers are that are coming up.  If there is no bar code, it is not good for money.  You can always get the list delivered weekly to your inbox by signing up on the blog.  Catalina’s come out on Tuesday mornings.

You may be wondering why I’m kicking myself for skipping a simple $1 reward.  It’s because the item was on sale for $2.  I had $1 on 1 coupons from Kraft, and the $1 Catalina reward would have made my final price $50 per.  Since they have cheese and seasoning blends in each box, it was a great deal at $.50, if I had purchased 4, my cost would have been $.25 EACH! I should have done some late night Catalina rolling.

What’s Catalina Rolling?  These rewards are all Per transaction.  Meaning that I could buy more than 4, but would need to split up my transactions.  This type of shopping is best in evening hours or early mornings.  Buy 4, check out, buy 4 more. 

When Rolling Catalinas, you can not use your $3 to pay for more Kraft buys.  It will prevent another Kraft coupon from printing.  However, if you were qualifying for another reward, you could always alternate brands.

If you’ve never tried Catalinas, take a look at page 2.  Each week I print all that will fit on the back page for you.  Give them a shot, and always use coupons too!

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