Friday, September 7, 2012

List Tips

The shopping list is the master organizer for the coupon shopper.  Each week you should have a shopping list. There are several ways to go about making your list.

1. You can print the list on Wednesdays from the blog.  Just highlight the entire section, then select “Print Selection” You will have a nice neat listing of everything on sale this week, and the coupon you should be using that matches.
2. Make your own list.  Start by writing down the items you need at home. Include those items you are out of, or fresh items you wish to pick up. Then add in all those items you have coupons to match that you intent to purchase. Create sections:  Need this week, Freezer Stockpile, Pantry Stockpile.  Try to put 1/3 of your budget in those three sections to build your stockpiles while you shop.
3. Keep your list so that it fits in your coupon organizer.  Whichever size organizer you have, your list must easily ride along to the store with you.   For me, it’s a printed sheet folded into 4th’s.  Others use notecards, scrap paper, or full sheets inside your binder.
4. Include the number of the items you wish to buy.  Remember you save the most not $.50 at a time, but $26 at a time when buying your semi annual or annual supply of each coupon item.  Know before you hit the store how many you intend to purchase. This will also better prepare you for any raincheck should you not be able to get enough of your product.
5. Keep a notation for any rebates you need to qualify. My list this weeks says, “Sam Adams $5 fresh meat.”  I know I need to run a separate transaction for the meat so I can get 2 rebates this week.  One for the meat, one for the general groceries. A pen in your organizer should do the trick.  Check am item off as it goes in the cart.  Then place your coupons inside your organizer In your “redemption” spot so you know you’ve got that item and you’re saving money.

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