Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cookin' with Coupons

The humid weather puts me in a meal rut.  I was pleased to check the weather channel and see better weather in store this week.  Combined with some great meal ideas I'm ready to get back in the kitchen.  Here are three easy meals you can pull together this week for easy coupon meals.

Meal #1  Grill Ready St. Louis Ribs
BUY: This made my lips smack, grill ready St. Louis Ribs on sale for $1.99 per pound.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful all across the state this week so plan a BBQ.  Take the ribs, trim any fat, slather with a spicy mustard like French's and then sprinkle on a spice blend on top.  Slow grill these babies for a fantastic last blast of summer.  Dole head lettuce and salad blends are both on sale.  Printed Dole coupons (printed on sept 1st) and match it to your penny pincher coupon.  Add some fun toppings like almond accents or Texas toast croutons. Here's a thought:  Pick up extras.  Go ahead and slather and sprinkle them before you freeze em.  These can be slow cooked indoors in the winter and finished off in the oven on broil.  Freeze up to 6 months in gallon freezer bags.
FROM STOCK: Bush's grilling beans go great with BBQ.  You picked up extra cans just last week.  You're already using your stock to finish meals and save you money.

Meal #2  Chicken and  Rice
BUY: There are several options for chicken right now.  Both thighs and legs are on sale, and whole chicken breasts have been very inexpensive the past two weeks.  Campbell's Condensed Soup are buy 4 get 1 free, and there is a printable Campbell's coupon to give you more of a discount.  Add in Uncle Ben's rice mix at $1.79 and coupon and you've got a nice baked meal.  To prepare, mix rice, condensed soup (cream of chicken or go crazy and use gumbo), and place chicken on top.  Spinkle with salt, pepper or paprika.  For ambitious cooks, add cheese on top.  Bake at 375 for one session of homework, or one load of laundry. (one hour).

FROM STOCK: Take a look at the seasoning packets in your stock.  I had a nice Weber Chicken packet to mix into this recipe.

Meal #3 Shrimp Skillet
BUY: Pick up a bag of frozen shrimp for $5.99. Use HALF this week to prepare a nice shrimp skillet.  Add one can of Campbell's Condensed Soup, cream of mushroom soup, some frozen steamed veggies like Picsweets snap peas and onions.   Toss all in the skillet and simmer on medium.  You already have a meal for next week with the remaning half bag of shrimp.

FROM STOCK: Barilla pasta has been a good coupon buy in the past, I've got a few blue boxes in the pantry.  Prepare and add to your shrimp skillet.  Mario olives are a friend of the coupon users, top with black olives.

PANTRY STOCK:  These items you should buy this week, to make future meals.  Savings on these pantry items will save you with each meal you prepare in the future. 

  • Campbell's Condensed Soup  There are more soups than Cream of chicken or mushroom.  Pick upCelery and tomato.  These can help you prepare a meal fast and with this price, and no limits it's time to stock. Not sure what you'll need?  Check out Campbell's Kitchen for ideas.
  • Saltines and oyster crackers are on sale.  It may not seem like chili weather yet, but the price is right.  Crackers keep well in rubbermaid type totes.

FREEZER STOCK: These items you should buy this week, to make future meals.  Savings on these pantry items will save you with each meal you prepare in the future. 
  • Chicken Drumsticks.  These are easy to dump in the crockpot.  Don't know what to fix?  Gather some zip bags and put in 3 legs for each adult in your family plus one per child.  Go ahead and season or marinate them now.  When that day comes along when you need a meal to get started, while you focus on something else, drumsticks will come to the rescue.
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