Friday, July 6, 2012


When we were using coupons to get Ken’s salad dressing for only $.39 I picked up several.  Actually, I picked up a lot.  I have been sharing the dressing with everyone who visits.  Sharing your overstock seems to be a trend among coupon users.  We see deals, and immediately want to share with our friends and family. 

Here are some ways to utilize the overstock .
1. Build unique gift sets.  Stock razors, shaving cream, lotion, and bath products for an easy gift.  Throw in a loofah and it looks as good as a $20 basket from the mall.
2. Combine condiments with a theme.  Salad dressing, croutons, ketchup and mustard with a couple of burger and tossed salad recipes make a good themed set.
3. Don’t overlook desserts.  Ice cream toppings, syrups, cones, and a couple of new sundae cups are great for kids or at picnics.
4. Movie themed sets can include microwave popcorn, seasoning toppings, nuts or pretzels, candy (lots of free candy bars) and a few cans of pop. 
5. Put your unique combo of coupon scores in a basket, or gift box.  Stock up on basket making supplies in December and use them year round.
6. Shop the dollar store for easy to add items that make the basket complete, like salad tongs, or a burger flipper, or even straws.

How to build a basket:
1. One trick of the trade is to fill the bottom of the basket with packing peanuts. This will give the illusion of a fuller basket and make the gifts easier to see.
2. Over the 'peanuts', place a thick layer of gift-bag or basket filler, shiny shred, or tissue paper.  Think “Free recycled.”
3. Begin adding the biggest and tallest items toward the middle or back. Aim for balance in weight and arrangement.
4. To hold some items in place, use tape to attach them to each other, to the basket handle, or to the container. I use a hot glue gun for stubborn items.
5. Continue arranging gifts and then "fill out" the look of the basket. Make sure the paper or shred shows through.
6. Clear cellophane wraps make it look professional. 

Non Basket ideas:
1. Gift or photo boxes.  They are well decorated and come in a variety of sizes.  Craft stores put these on sale after every holiday.
2. Gift bags, these are hard to arrange, but if the items are light weight it will work.
3. Reuse!  Garage sales are full of baskets, boxes, and other gift containers that can be picked up for a quarter.  If you want to get LOTS of containers fast, check thrift ships.

Who gets a basket?  We often spend $10 at the holidays for the mailman, hairdresser, teachers, lawn persons, etc why not start planning now to make everyone a nice themed basket?  Have coupons-will save!

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