Friday, June 8, 2012

Per Pound or Per Piece/

Since school is out, this is a lesson for all the Teens out there.  My daughter is 14, last week when she came to coupon club with me and she asked if she could get some apples.  I of course said yes!  Anything healthy for my kids is an automatic YES.  She ran over and grabbed a bag of apples while I was conducting coupon club.

Can you imagine my surprise when I looked at the receipt and saw that she paid $11 for 4 apples?  It was quite the look.  Needless to say, it was all my fault.  Yes, my fault.  I had not taught her to look a the signs closely for the per pound or per piece notation.  She had picked the highest priced  al la cart apples in the store. 

When I said she picked a bag of apples, I mean she got a clear plastic baggie and started picking.  Step #1, see how much a pre bagged assortment of apples costs.  These are usually the best buy.  Step #2, see if there is a pre bagged set of all the same type of apples, but at a goo price point.  A good price now for apples is around $3.99 for a 5lb bag. 

Take a look at the apples in the bag.  Are you buying mostly cores?  Be sure the apples are big enough to be a healthy treat.  Do not buy the smallest apples.  This is where my logic of find the lowest price has a compromise.  They need to be a good deal for the amount of apple you will be eating.

Now comes the really smart shopping moment!  Take a look around.  Are there other fresh fruits on sale this week that are in season?  Maybe plums, or peaches.  Peaches will be coming on sale in June.  They will be at their lowest price since they are fresh in our area in late June.  See if you can find Cherries, or nectarines that are a better deal.

Next, stagger your produce.  She also picked up two very large bunches of bananas.  Both were  nice solid yellow.  She should have picked up one that is fairly green.  So that these bananas would be ready to eat in a few days.  This way she did not have to eat 16 bananas in 4 days.  But would have nice banana and peanut butter snacks all week. 

The same is true with other produce buys.  Plan to pick up a head of lettuce for tonight’s meal, and some sweet pepper that are really firm now, to grill up in a few days.  Potatoes, eggplant, and avacados all take a bit of planning to have them ready or able to last until you plan your meal. 

Corn will be a big favorite soon, you can tell how fresh the cobs are by the leaves and tassles.  Try to plan a couple meals of fresh steamed corn on the cob by purchasing two harvest dates of corn. 

This week:  Get some berries! BOGO

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